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Your mind is your secret weapon. Centr has the tools to help you unleash it. 🚀 Positive thinking can control stress and power performance. 💨 Controlled breathing can spread calm throughout your body. 🍁 The sounds of nature can boost mood and concentration. 🧠 Regular meditation can keep your brain young. What's the best thing YOU do for your mind?👇
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Take the hard work out of mealtimes with Centr. ✅ No more counting calories or macros ✅ Your shopping list, sorted ✅ All your dietary preferences & restrictions covered ✅ Family favorites ready in a flash ✅ Fuel for performance and gains All that's left to do is find your new favorite recipe... 😋 Drop the flavors you're hungry for in the comments and we'll hook you up with your new Centr fave.👇
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Get moving. Your way. Energize your day and achieve your goals with workouts that slot straight into your lifestyle. Discover what moves you with the expert trainers at Centr.com
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Centr 🤝 HYROX We believe that Every Body is an athlete, no matter their fitness level. Together, we’re taking the World Series of Fitness Racing to the next level with the first-ever custom equipment made for the sport of HYROX, designed to empower every athlete. Check out what’s launching today and stay tuned, we’re only just getting started. 🔥 Seven NEW products: Power Rope, Power Sled, Edge Bumper Plates, Octo Kettlebells, Sandbag, Wall Ball and Rig Target. 🔥 The all new Competition Equipment is engineered for race day - made with durability, aerodynamics and efficiency in mind. 🔥 Train for HYROX or your next fitness milestone at home with equipment backed by Chris Hemsworth's team of experts. 🔥 Whether you're HYROX curious or ready to take on your next challenge, celebrate with 1 month free in the Centr app! Use code HYROX30 at centr.com to get started. Centr x HYROX equipment line is now available in the U.S. at the link in bio.
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Are you ready to take your training to a new level? Drop your best guess and we might spill a few more hints…. 😉 All to be revealed February 24th.
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Are you in? The seriously tough Advanced Push-up Challenge is now live on Centr. Luke and Bobby (and Chris!) are pulling out all the stops. Tell us, how many push-ups did you get to?
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A little preview at our latest delivery…. Can you guess what’s in the box? Something new is coming on February 24th.
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Luke and Bobby, are throwing down your NEW Advanced Push-up Challenge: 10 minutes, 20 reps every minute, on the minute. The question is, will you rise to the challenge? Your time starts… NOW. Hit the link in bio to take it on.
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It’s here, your accountability workout challenge 👏🏼 Keen to try my new Centr workouts and win my fave Centr essentials? 1 x Centr Core Kit 1 x Centr Recovery Kit 1 x 3-Month Online Centr Membership All you have to do is complete all 5 of my new Centr HILIT dumbbell classes, mark off & share your accountability tracker along the way (so I can monitor your progress) & you will automatically go into the draw to win the ultimate prize pack. Swipe for all the details about how to win. Don’t forget to tag your friends and your workout buddy’s so they can join you. See you on the mat Feb 19th 🫶🏼 🧘🏼‍♀️ 💦 Not a @centrfit member but still want to join? For a limited time, sign up for 14 days free at centr.com and use code BETTERTOGETHER
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Maricris puts fate in her partner Nate's hands for the day... with a little help from us of course 😉 Let us know if you would try this with a friend!
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You're 40% more likely to crush those milestones when you team up with a buddy, here's proof it's also fun 💪
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We're Centr trainers... of course, we're going to bring the 🔥 !
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