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The strength of this necklace lies in the purity of its checkerboard motif. The two-tone contrast and repeated geometrical pattern enhance its three-dimensionality. The optical illusion is all the more striking as the piece becomes larger. #CartierHighJewelry #Cartier6S
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14 hours ago
Every Cartier creation begins with a stone—in this case a 8.20-carat cushion-cut ruby. #CartierHighJewelry #Cartier6S
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1 day ago
The contrast between the sizes of the stones is complemented by that of the colors, magnified by a setting that’s designed to be as discreet as possible, worn by @golfarahani #CartierHighJewelry #Cartier6S
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1 day ago
Sixième Sens par Cartier : The new high jewelry collection disrupts our perceptions #CartierHighJewelry #Cartier6S
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2 days ago
A gift from mother to daughter. A Panthère de Cartier watch crystalizes an everlasting connection between mother, daughter and a Cartier Sales Advisor. #CartierStoriesByYou
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4 days ago
Love you, three. Three diamonds (with a meaningful message) lead to three times more emotion in a story told by a Cartier sales advisor. #CartierStoriesByYou
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5 days ago
Tomorrow starts here. A Cartier sales advisor recalls one of his fondest in-store memories of a family he'll never forget. #CartierStoriesByYou
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6 days ago
Rich and abundant, #RivieresdeCartierLuxuriance is bursting with nature: fern, mastic, oak, rosemary and wild herbs. #RivieresdeCartier
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9 days ago
With the Rivières de Cartier collection of eaux fraîches, Cartier perfumer @mathilde.laurent captures the life and raw beauty of water, a source of olfactory reflection.
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11 days ago
Beautiful and joyful, #RivieresdeCartierAllegresse exudes sensuality with the appearance of tuberose. #RivieresdeCartier
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13 days ago
For @mathilde.laurent , river water is a fragrance. It carries with it the scent of each and every element that it encounters. #RivieresdeCartier
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14 days ago
Free and sweet, #RivieresdeCartierInsouciance sparkles with radiant light. The river ripples with blooming flowers, irises and violets. #RivieresdeCartier
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15 days ago