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More from my cover story with @harpersbazaararabia You can find the full interview in my bio 🤗 Editor in Chief @oliviaphillipsbazaar Photographer @frederico__martins Stylist @cedrichaddad Creative Direction @seherkhanp Jewellery @chaumet_arabia Hair @ivathegirl Make-Up @kiwarkis Words @natashafaruque
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My latest cover story for @harpersbazaararabia 😍 With @chaumet_arabia Editor in Chief @oliviaphillipsbazaar Photographer @frederico__martins Stylist @cedrichaddad Creative Direction @seherkhanp Jewelry @chaumet_arabia Hair @ivathegirl Make-Up @kiwarkis @harpersbazaararabia #harpersbazaararabia
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@etisalatmisr ✨ Photographer @aymanabbas__ Stylist @abier_ansary Makeup @sohakhoury Hair @ahmed__mounir Management @ginger__tm
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My latest ad with @etisalatmisr and #ahmedezz 🤗🤗 ‎#اتصالات _أقوى_شبكة_في_مصر ‎#أقوى _بكتير Directed by @t_mahdy Music by @azizmaraka Management @ginger__tm ‎كل سنة و انتم طيبين ‎رمضان كريم 🌙
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خلص المشوار… ❤️ كل الحب من عائلة عروس بيروت لكل محبي المسلسل ❤️ And that’s the end of the journey ❤️ All the love from arous beirut family to all the fans of the show ❤️
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1 month ago
الليلة الساعة ١٠ بعد حلقة عروس بيروت Tonight at 10 right after @aroosbeirut episode, my interview on @mbcpodcastsofficial Youtube channel and @shahid.vod with @joetrad
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Back when Thurayya was not depressed 💆🏻‍♀️ @aroosbeirut
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Go for a PEARL WHITE SMILE with CREST @crestarabia #protectedwhitesmile
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2 months ago
Honored to be head of jury for the short films in @beirutwomenfilmfestival This is from the opening ceremony🤗 Jumpsuit and earrings by @t_h_y_m
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2 months ago
Behind the scenes of tonight’s episode 🎬 حبيتو الحلقة؟
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2 months ago
Had to share this even in low res! This is a sample of how much we laugh when @alaaalzuabi is on set! من كواليس مشهد اليوم🎬🤪
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2 months ago
Behind the scenes 🤗❤️🎬
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