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Eiza’s style gets an audacious edge. The incredible @eizagonzalez exceeds all expectations in her first assignment since her announcement as Bvlgari Brand Ambassador. Brandishing Bvlgari’s boldest icon, Eiza rocks this B.zero1 Rock necklace in yellow gold with pavé diamonds on the edges. . . . #Bvlgari #BvlgariJewelry #Bzero1 #MagnificentSummer #BvlgariSummer
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Precious self-expression. Moving from strength to strength, @lalalalisa_m expresses her individuality in 100% B.zero1 jewelry. The preciosity of pavé diamonds makes light dance, giving Lisa’s style added Bvlgari boldness. . . Photo by Kimheejune . #Bvlgari #BvlgariJewelry #Bzero1 #DreamAndDare #MagnificentSummer #BvlgariSummer
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Priyanka Chopra Jonas joins the Bvlgari family. The unstoppably talented actor, film producer, and activist makes her entrance as Global Ambassador in bold Bvlgari jewelry. Crafted in yellow gold with pavé diamonds, @priyankachopra ’s debut ensemble features this B.zero1 Rock studded necklace and ring combination. Welcome Priyanka! . . . #Bvlgari #BvlgariJewelry #Bzero1 #StarsInBvlgari
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Bvlgari unchains its bold side. In an audacious design adaptation, Bvlgari harnesses B.zero1’s infamous contours to embolden the chain of this necklace. Crafted in 18 kt white gold, the Maison sets pave diamonds to give the B.zero1 necklace the ultimate sparkle. Shop now. . . . #Bvlgari #BvlgariJewelry #Bzero1 #MagnificentSummer #BvlgariSummer
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Building on eternity. Finding endless inspiration in its Roman heritage, Bvlgari crafts these B.zero1 rings in 18 kt white gold. The Maison adds the eternal symbol of the diamond to its iconic spiral motif — which itself represents harmony between past, present, and future. . . . #Bvlgari #BvlgariJewelry #Bzero1 #MagnificentSummer #BvlgariSummer
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Grand designs. Boldness is dynamic. The ancient Roman energy of the Colosseum’s design lives on in the new chain of this B.zero1 Rock necklace. Bvlgari also adds a touch of edge to the grandeur of this yellow gold studded pendant — setting its edges with striking pavé diamonds. . . . #Bvlgari #BvlgariJewelry #Bzero1 #MagnificentSummer #BvlgariSummer
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The Baroque esthetic, reborn as jewelry. Translating the Baroque era’s spiral motif into an opulent necklace requires technical prowess and a mastery of colored gemstones. After crafting the spiraling levels of this necklace’s rose gold hardware, the artisan sets a variety of gems individually, tilting them to achieve the piece’s 3D effect. . . . #Bvlgari #BvlgariJewelry #BvlgariHighJewelry #BvlgariMagnifica
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A celebration of magnificent muses. Each of these Bvlgari Magnifica High Jewelry necklaces turns the dream of Rome into a celebration of magnificent women. @serenayss basks in the Serpenti Metamorphosis, @ester_exposito is adorned by the Fluid Rubellite, @tinakunakey sports the Pink Pleats, @mirimeo brandishes the Aquamarine Foam and @svetlana_khodchenkova wears this Fiorever High Jewelry piece. . . Photographer: @gabrieldelachapelle . #Bvlgari #BvlgariJewelry #BvlgariHighJewelry #BvlgariMagnifica
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Crafting metamorphosis. Featuring detachable elements, the Bvlgari Ruby Metamorphosis necklace is a triumph of ingenuity and craftsmanship. Watch as the artisan’s hands create this Magnifica High Jewelry masterpiece — which transforms into a sautoir, choker, and brooch. . . . #Bvlgari #BvlgariJewelry #BvlgariHighJewelry #BvlgariMagnifica
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Watch as @lucia_silvestri takes you on a journey of color. In this video, the Bvlgari Creative Director invites you into the world of the Magnifica collection — giving you an exclusive look at some vibrant gemstones and dreamlike jewels. . . Video by: @spkmore Music @guazzonemarco Cover by @monsieurtok Galleria images: Director @tommaso.ottomano / DOP @mrcodepa / Production @studio.april . #Bvlgari #BvlgariJewelry #BvlgariHighJewelry #BvlgariMagnifica
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Magnificent sinuosity. The enigmatic emblem makes its ultimate High Jewelry transformation as this sinuous Serpenti Metamorphosis necklace. Carrying a precious 21.06 ct of red-fuchsia rubellite, the mythical snake shimmers with diamonds and the added intrigue of black onyx scales. . . . #Bvlgari #BvlgariJewelry #BvlgariHighJewelry #SerpentiHighJewelry #BvlgariMagnifica
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A rising star hits another crescendo. Bvlgari is proud to announce actor and singer @eizagonzalez into the family as Brand Ambassador. Debuting in style, Eiza is adorned by the emblem’s iconic embrace. The Bvlgari Magnifica Serpenti Crescendo necklace alternates diamonds and emeralds, culminating in this incredible 26.10 ct cabochon emerald. Welcome Eiza! . . . #Bvlgari #BvlgariJewelry #BvlgariHighJewelry #SerpentiHighJewelry #BvlgariMagnifica
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