The remedy that will cure her village is the same that would have saved theirs. Continuing this other series - I don’t really know where it’s going, just having fun riffing off of the last beat!
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2 days ago
"F*ck a story arc if it don't involve no matriarchs." -Ruby Ibarra, Us Mayari is a personal project about 4 best friends who learn Eskrima to defend their elders from xenophobia. I thought it'd be fun to develop projects outside of work from the ground up and share the journey with everyone here because why not!
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20 days ago
We adopted a new pet! 10/10 loves belly rubs…hopefully not Carabaos.
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1 month ago
Luring the Matahungal away from our village! Wish we woulda thought this through thooo
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1 month ago
Adventuring above the clouds! Sorta. Closest feeling to flying though, work with what you’ve got! #fahm
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1 month ago
The beat goes on with this gang🇵🇭! I really want to develop this idea more. I feel attached to them but still can't come up with a group name, any ideas?
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3 months ago
With violence against their Elders on the rise, 4 best friends train in Eskrima to defend their people from cowards!👊🏽💥
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4 months ago
Did this for a talented friend who scored a writing gig on the new Transformers series. Man growing up all I wanted was my own transforming Jeepney Robot! I imagined he'd be like the greatest mode of transportation/ defender of the universe/ adventure buddy. Guys think of the adventures!
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6 months ago
Inspired by a mashup of memories - The ghost stories our Aunties and Uncles told us on long road trips, being in a folk dance troupe as an awkward teen, and my Kuya taking me to a witch doctor to magically heal my broken ankle, WHICH SHE DID MY FRIENDS.(That’s her screen left, thank you again Miss Witch Doctor!)
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6 months ago
Another memory with my Kuya that stays with me. #aapiheritagemonth
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7 months ago
It all started with a chill, Sunday morning fishing trip with our Kuya Sonny. But then...
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7 months ago
My Friend the Manananggal. That one fun summer I spent with a demon.🖤❤️
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7 months ago