Finally got to experience the “Sunset Lounge” @mariposahawaii . The perfect place to have delicious cocktails and foods while enjoying this stunning view (that just kept getting better as the sun went down🧡). Had a wonderful time with some old (and new) friends. Thank you @neimanmarcushawaii for hosting a fun evening 💕
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8 days ago
Summer 🐬💦
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10 days ago
Too many wonderful places to name but check out the latest issue of Eclat MagazIne for an insightful selection of some of my favorite places in Honolulu. ハワイスペシャル ☺️🤙🏼💕
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Eclat 7月号。 Sharing some special spots and fashions in the latest issue of Eclat.
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Glassy 💕
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A little overcast or a little over-dressed at the beach… don’t mind if I do💃🏻. Today’s humidity tho… no can handle 🫠💦. ハワイ暑いで☀️ 📸 @ryantfoley
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Oh hello 🤍
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I love this ❤️ This is the poem that my 5th grader chose to memorize for his English class (good choice!). But then my jaw dropped when I saw that it was written by an 8th grader (at the time). Amazing and beautifully written🙌🏻… but also, so inspiring for the kids to see great work like this done by students, not much older than themselves. I love that his teacher included pieces like this to the curriculum (and not just the classics). If anyone knows Brooke (I believe she graduated from Kahuku HS) please tell her that her words are still alive and being enjoyed by lots of little dreamers 💕💕💕
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1 month ago
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1 month ago
sunshine on a cloudy day💕
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Back in the day when I was a teenager. 18才 📸 (and brows) by @mrskhalila
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One of my first jobs was working at a flower shop. I loved the idea of being around all the pretty blooms and putting together beautiful arrangements. I basically worked in the back scrubbing buckets and clipping stems the whole time 😁✌🏼 Still love the idea tho💕
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