Hybrid Baggy Pants   Large fit 3 belt loops Semi-elasticated waistband Selvedge denim and heavy fleece Worn-out effect throughout Available soon in selected stores and on   Summer 24 Collection
19.4k 95
16 hours ago
3B Sports Icon Off Shoulder Tracksuit Jacket   Techno poplin Paneled construction Designed to be worn off the shoulder Multiple styling possibilities 3B sports icon embroidery Available soon in select stores and on   Summer 24 Collection
19.1k 61
1 day ago
Hotel Flat Mule   Cotton terrycloth upper Exaggerated volume Embroidered Deco B logo   Summer 24 Collection
15.2k 49
5 days ago
Maxi Bathrobe Coat    100% animal-free nanocellulose material   Oversize fit  Ankle length   Tone-on-tone belt   Available soon in select stores    Summer 24 Collection
10.9k 50
6 days ago
Balenciaga Music | Angelo Badalamenti T-Shirt and Sweatshirt   Balenciaga Music | Angelo Badalamenti Series Exclusive collaboration with late composer Artwork printed on front and back Oversize fit and crewneck Worn-out effect Limited-edition   Available in select stores worldwide
18.2k 82
7 days ago
AI-generated Artwork Long Sleeve Hooded T-Shirt    Peeling stretch jersey  Inset hood  AI-generated artwork on front, back, and sleeves  Available in select stores     Summer 24 Collection
13.6k 84
8 days ago
Furry Slide Sandal     Faux shearling  Balenciaga Political Campaign logo embroidery  Tone-on-tone sole and insole  Available soon in select stores and on     Summer 24 Collection
32.9k 159
11 days ago
Rodeo Large Top Handle Bag   Aged-gold hardware Turn lock closure Detachable shoulder strap Removable leather key holder with two split rings Collector versions come with charms Available in select stores and on   Summer 24 Collection
36.1k 101
12 days ago
Grayscale Camo Maxi Layered Cargo Skirt    Assembled with 3 different fabrics  Removable zip-off wool and denim panels  Worn-in effect at hem  Maxi length  Available soon in stores and on    Summer 24 Collection
18.8k 129
13 days ago
Unity Sports Icon Racer Jacket    Panelled construction  Oversized fit   Worn-out effect   Double-ended zip fastening   Unity Sports icon artwork embossed at front and back  Available soon in stores and on    Summer 24 Collection
28.9k 173
14 days ago
Sculptural Dress   Virgin wool Dégradé feather embroidery by Maison Lemarié 144-hour work on details Available upon request   52nd Couture Collection
11.6k 31
15 days ago
A-Line Turtleneck Dress   Long loose sleeves High collar Invisible zipper Unlined   Summer 24 Collection
11.6k 43
18 days ago
“Houndstooth” Trompe L’oeil Jacket   Linen canvas Hand-painted on a primed linen base 110-hour work on details Magnet button Available upon request   52nd Couture Collection
8,219 28
19 days ago
Steroid Boot Lightweight EVA body Exaggerated volume 12 eyelets lace-up vamp Molded sole and upper Available in select stores and on   Spring 23 Collection
26.5k 118
20 days ago
Large Carry Shopper    Arena leather 
Zippered closure  Double handles  Debossed Balenciaga logo     Summer 17 Collection
13.8k 89
22 days ago
Rodeo Boot Bag    Shoes turned into a bag  Adjustable shoulder strap 
Zipped closure  Inlaid BB logo on heels 
Available in select stores and on    Spring 24 Collection
15.1k 42
25 days ago
“Coup de Vent” Trench Coat   Innovative wool and cotton material Hand-sculpted with heated irons using a two-day process Windblown effect Available for order   52nd Couture Collection
10.1k 34
26 days ago
Opera Derby     Extreme lines achieved with internal prosthetics  20mm arch height  Brush-on patina   Hand-applied shiny finish  Available for order    52nd Couture Collection
82.1k 951
27 days ago
Cocoon Parka    Technical cotton  C-shaped back   Stand-up collar   Gathered waistline  Inspired by Cristóbal Balenciaga’s 1950 Couture  Available for order   52nd Couture Collection
8,834 35
28 days ago
"To My Love" T-Shirt and Hoodie   Vintage jersey  Unisex medium fit  Crewneck  Destroyed effect  
"To My Love" artwork on a real CD    Available in select stores and on
20.7k 55
29 days ago
Tailored Jacket    Virgin wool  Fitted form  Internal corset   Boned standup neckline Available for order   52nd Couture Collection
32.6k 136
1 month ago
Spike Pump   
Pointed toe 
Spikes along front, back, and straps  110mm arch 
  Summer 18 Collection
38.3k 220
1 month ago
Bazar Shopper XL    Arena leather  Cotton canvas lining  Zippered closure  Balenciaga Paris embossed logo    Spring 17 Collection
33.1k 354
1 month ago