:) pfp: @jvogler_art
it's been awhile, here are some guitar clips from the last few months:) new music soon!
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15 days ago
new song woahhhh! link in bio:))
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25 days ago
working on lots of cool music:) I've been inactive lately so hopefully I can start posting more again
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8 months ago
some snippets for music I've been working on:)
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9 months ago
bass parts from the last few months:)
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9 months ago
making music I'm proud of again yay:)
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9 months ago
made this in april but forgot to upload it lol
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10 months ago
cool riff in 5/4:) also new song thursday!!
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10 months ago
starting to enjoy the music i make:) also thanks for the support on the last song, it really means a lot🖤
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11 months ago
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1 year ago
i wanted to make something using off beat lead lines and i think it came out being pretty cool:)
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1 year ago
fun idea on keeping the bass notes the same for the most part and creating a lead under it at the sametime:)
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1 year ago