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Aventi created a 300-carat gem as rich and vivid as a Colombian Emerald, a watch you likely will never see and only fewer than 100 pieces can be made. ⚒ Introducing the Aventi A11-05 Emerald REC, developed in collaboration with our partners in Russia. The Emerald REC (Rare Earth Crystal) is a synthetic crystal never before used in watchmaking, it exhibits the same color as a Colombian emerald but is harder and more durable than the natural stone.  Learn more: www.aventi.com #aventi
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Swiss Super-LumiNova BW9 is filled to each index marker, hand and the two stripes surrounding our bezel to ensure maximum luminosity 💡 Specs: •Swiss Super-LumiNova BGW9 •Grade X1 •100% Swiss Made •Color: Blue Line, emission at 485nm Explore more: www.aventi.com #aventi
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Aventi Royal Blue Sapphire, the most achievable Blue Sapphire watch on the market, is officially discontinued. A move saved for the best in business - a strategic decision to maintain high resale value 👌 Learn more: www.aventi.com #aventi
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Seven layers of anti-reflective coating on both sides of the Sapphire crystal glass on our A11 piece. That’s tough to match 😎 Learn more: www.aventi.com #Aventi
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If you had to choose between the A11 Pure Sapphire or Royal Blue Sapphire, what would it be? 😎 www.aventi.com #aventi
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Who’s a fan of our unique skeletonized design? 🙋‍♂️ The Aventi Titanium A10 skeletonized dial hides no detail, exposing the supercar engine without compromising readability 🔍 Explore more: www.aventi.com #aventi
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Aventi's first Special Edition, meet the A11-01SE with a stunning black Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) dial. Designed and requested by @producermichael 🙌 What do you think of our most exclusive A11? www.aventi.com #Aventi
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A beautiful view to match a remarkable timepiece ⌚️ How would you describe this view? 😎 Timepiece: A11-05 Emerald REC Fewer than 100 pieces can be made. Discover more: www.aventi.com #Aventi
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Introducing the Aventi A11-05 EMERALD REC 🟢 We created a 300-carat gem as rich and vivid as a Colombian Emerald. Known for producing one of the most beautiful Royal Blue sapphire materials in the world, even we could not make a green as rich and vivid as a Colombian Emerald - from sapphire. We had success earlier this year by creating a British racing green sapphire - a watch only a handful of family members have been lucky enough to purchase - our attempts to brighten the sapphire cost us months of work. Our pursuit for Emerald gave us no choice but to change our approach. Instead of limiting ourselves only to Sapphire Crystal, we decided to experiment with other crystalline materials. We tried experimenting with a number of new materials from the world of optics and lasers before developing a special crystalline material we have called Rare Earth Crystal (REC). Fewer than 100 pieces can be made from the material we've created - and we will not be producing more - www.aventi.com #aventi
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28 days ago
The Aventi Titanium A10 Rosso Red striking colors take design and performance to new limits 🏆 Perfectly coated in an innovative #cerakote layer, this stunning piece is equipped with a powerful skeletonized Tourbillon that hides no detail, exposing the supercar engine without compromising readability 🔍 Learn more: www.aventi.com #Aventi
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​Have you ever seen a watch case as brilliant as a gem? Each facet of the Aventi A11-05 Emerald REC case is hand polished to perfection using a 2 stage polishing and buffing process. The exact amount of pressure must be applied to every facet; too little and the polish won't work, too much and months of work can be lost instantly 🤯 The result is a brilliant-cut diamond with 58 facets and a case with 68 facets and 110 edges with no curves - undoubtedly the most complex watch case on the market. Learn more about the remarkable Emerald REC- www.aventi.com #Aventi
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