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I'm a global citizen, who traveled to more than 40 countries, speak 5 languages. I have been living in Japan for more than 12 years... and I love Japan, its my second home. At the same time my gen code is Ukraine... I feel proud about it. Girls and boys, treasure your country culture code no matter where you live. 私は世界の市民だと思います。40か国以上に旅行して、5つの言語を話せます。 日本に12年以上住んでいます...日本は私の第二の母国になりました。日本が大好きです。 同時に、私の遺伝コードはウクライナです。それは私の自慢です。 皆様、どこに住んでいても母国の文化コードを大切にしてください。
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VYSHYVANKA - UKRAINIANS GEN CODE Guys, I think many of you heard about Ukrainian vyshyvanka. But do you know four reasons why embroidery(in Ukrainian – vyshyvanka) is so important for Ukrainians? 1. It’s Old History Research says that the Scythians (7th BC – 3rd BC), an ancient nomadic people who lived in the territory of modern Ukraine, wore embroidered clothes: long sleeve tunics, long trousers, and belts. The Scythians used different patterns as talismans; that is why they adorned with embroidery clothes and weapons, ritual items. Only in the second half of the 20th century, mass production started, and now everyone can buy a vyshyvanka, either hand made or made by machine. 2. Symbolism The word (a noun) “vyshyvanka” (вишива́нка) comes from the verb “vyshyvaty” (вишива́ти – to embroider, шити – to sew). Ukrainian ancestors drew their destiny using symbols of the Sun, Earth, Universe and Family, reproducing them on fabrics, creating mysterious ancestral characters as amulets, as a family code. Some ornaments protect you from misfortune and evil spirits; others give you good luck, strong health, prosperity. 3. The Meaning of Patterns There are plant, floral, geometric, and zoomorphic ornamentations. In every region of Ukraine, traditionally, there are different symbols and patterns on embroideries. Plant and floral ornamentations are typical for the central, southern and eastern parts of Ukraine. Guelder rose – is a symbol of Ukraine, beauty, and love. They usually adorn the wedding dresses and shirts, young people clothes. Oak leaves are a holy tree in ancient Slavic beliefs, a symbol of strength and masculinity; men usually had this pattern on their shirts. There are much more about patterns! 4. Contemporaneity Different kinds of embroideries existed almost in all places. Still, Ukraine is a country where vyshyvanka became a national symbol, which had a long transformation and very organically entered the modern fashion, it became a worldwide trend picked up by Western fashion designers. And it will gain popularity even more. Even if I’m ever left with one suitcase, I’ll make sure my vyshyvanka is there.
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Сильні. Незламні. Вільні.
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GOLDEN WEEK: THE CRAZIEST TIME EVER This year golden week was a very special time for me. Instead of heading to Bali, Okinawa or Thai for my usual date with Mr. Ocean, I had several life missions to accomplish, and I almost nailed them all (90% at least) with 3h sleep and doing like 30-40 different tasks daily. Feel exhausted, tired, but happy. Finally I feel happy. And today my day looked like beautiful art on this mural, amazing puzzle I still need to solve in Tokyo or anywhere in the world while I am still alive on the planet called Earth. Today I’m solving it in Berlin. Probably the most international city in the whole world…Techno music, avant garde art, Europe's party scene, biggest Europe technology hub, city of exhibitions and hipster places, destination where it’s almost impossible to find a flat for rent because it’s so hype, city of youth and freedom, fashionistas, artists and creators. Where I’m gonna solve it tomorrow? Nobody knows. But there is one thing I know for sure - Berlin you left a mark on my heart.
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The struggle itself towards the heights is enough to fill a man’s heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy. 📍Khao Sok National Park, Thailand
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In 2019 my work schedule got totally crazy. Escaping to my fav Thai rural area and authentic nature was the only way to restore energy and get back in shape mentally and physically. Meeting closest people in real life instead of Zoom calls was a great bonus. Guys, do you still do Zoom calls or go live real life? 📍Khao Sok National Park, Thailand
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LIFESTYLE: MANAGE STRESS AND ENERGIZE YOUR DAY Time to share how I manage difficult times and stay productive: 1. Increase actual workload and daily to-do list 2. Get involved in meaningful projects 3. Escape to nature & power spots 4. Outsource digital life (social media, digital comms) to my personal assistant 5. Keep growth in personal and professional life (fitness, photography/videography, studies, business projects, charity work) How do you thrive in challenging times?
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GOLDEN WEEK: NATURE ESCAPES Thailand, Bali, Okinawa, Amami make the bucket list of favorite destinations for Golden week, Silver week and times when you want to fully recharge. Travel factors always differ, but some things stay the same - tranquility, rich cultural experience, virgin beaches, cinematic views. If you ever in Thailand, don’t forget to check Khao Lak. 📍Khao Lak, Thailand
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GOLDEN WEEK: NATURE ESCAPES Every year for Japan golden week (end April-begging of May) we escape to islands, nature, places where we can meet animals and recharge fully. Before 2020 it was mostly Bali or Thailand, during new normal, mostly National Parks and UNESCO Heritage sites in Japan. This shot was taken exactly 1 year ago. Time flies.. And today is special because of two reasons: Orthodox Easter and … something very personal for me… Happy Orthodox Easter! 📍Kyushyu, Japan
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TRADITIONAL CRAFT IN MODERN HOME: CALLIGRAPHY Japanese calligraphy has so much to say beyond words. It’s really great that the Shibunkaku Group group exists and is committed to the inheritance, promotion and cultivation of outstanding Japanese culture, aiming to communicate its touchingness and enrichment with a wide audience. Thanks to this company, it was possible to view incredible calligraphy artworks created by a modern postwar Japanese artist who revolutionized Japanese calligraphy into a global avant-garde aesthetic. Artist: Morita Shiryū (森田子龍)#moritashiryu 📍Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan Swipe in carousel to view calligraphy collection.
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TRADITIONAL CRAFT IN MODERN HOME: CALLIGRAPHY Japanese aesthetics can fit modern interiors nicely. At @artfairtokyo could not ignore amazing wall art. Artwork: DELIVERANCE V Artist: @kiyo_hasegawa 📍Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan
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TRADITIONAL CRAFT IN MODERN HOME: WALL ART Tokyo International Art Fair happens in March every year. From antique to contemporary fine arts, you can find really cool masterpieces that provoke emotions like painting with musician Kurt Cobain, not smiling Marilyn Monroe or athletic moving bird crafted by @kogeinext . This year when I attended @artfairtokyo my mood was special. I was drawn to very specific contemporary artworks. I’d like to share those art pieces with you too. Do you like any art works from 1-9? Share in comments 📍Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan
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