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Colour Hustler New Limited Edition Prints!! 👇👇
Flashback Friday to this self portrait 'Flouro Hope' from 5 yeas ago. Been a super frustrating year in a lot of ways, breaking my shoulder, waiting 5 months for surgery, then breaking my elbow 2 days before that surgery, effectively having my arm in a sling for the better part of the year, and thats just the start.. BUT, I know its been a helluva lot worse for the vast majority of people out there these last cpl years, so globally speaking im a pretty lucky duck! I have a propensity to obsess over things; sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes meaningless research and data that I go completely down the rabbit hole with. In a way i suppose that trait makes me pretty darn good at my job tho. So very grateful to have some epic people in my life to check in on me and help steer this frazzled mess of a brain towards a more positive outlook!!
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14 hours ago
Throwback Thursday to 'Pocahontas' from 2017. Was going through a very experimental stage, where i created a whole series of works using fabric collage, feathers, leaves, jewellery, golf leaf, acrylic, aerosol and oil paint. A lot going on to say the least hehe. Even made my own floating frames and custom painted them too. Original long gone but limited edition prints still available at 🙂
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1 day ago
Face. Early days of a work in progress.
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6 days ago
Flashback Friday to these 2 very different portraits (both sold). Thinking about combining these 2 styles in some way, after I get through a cpl commissions and the big old floral nude currently on my easel :)
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7 days ago
“The truth is: the natural world is changing. And we are totally dependent on that world. It provides our food, water and air. It is the most precious thing we have and we need to defend it.” Sir David Attenborough. Oil on Canvas. 122x152cm. Original SOLD but prints are available. Limited edition of 50 only, ever, and starting from $60AUD including free postage Australia wide!
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8 days ago
Final touches on a quick little 2 day oil commission, of a touching moment between family. Generally have a policy of no family commissions, but too hard to say no to someone's lovely nanna. Can't wait to varnish this one now, kind of amazing how much difference nice varnish makes to oils, particularly those with a lot of darker areas. I personally use Gamvar, which really brings out all the contrasts and saturation of colours. 🙏❤️
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14 days ago
4 NEW PRINTS ARE LIVE! (link in bio) Limited Edition of only 50 in each size, ever! Printed on quality 300gsm gloss poster paper, hand signed and numbered by yours truly. Only $110AUD for huge A1 (pictured) and $60 for A2, including FREE shipping australia wide. ($25 internationally) Shipped rolled in a protective trackable tube, ready to be framed on arrival. These sizes are universal so they will fit most generic store-bought frames. Alternatively support your local framer and get a custom frame. Thanks for the support everyone!
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16 days ago
'Be happy, dont be a dick"- Buddha.🤣 Keep this inspirational quote in mind this weekend. Available for purchase. 122x91cm, Acrylic on Canvas.🙏 ***SOLD
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20 days ago
'Stevie the Punk Poodle AKA Le Floof'. A tiny lil quick 2 hr Bday prezzie for the one and only Pat - the brains and beauty behind Smithereens Cafe in Cowaramup. Never paint this tiny but really enjoyed this one - acrylic on a 7x9inch marine ply panel cut out to nestle into a wee frame i found hiding in the studio mess. WOOOOF!
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21 days ago
Forgot to post this one. A horse commission for a lovely client to match the large portrait she purchased. Specific markings on the horse, similar colours, style and exact same background. A 3rd matching one is in the works too! Im always happy to tailor commissions to suit a clients needs, to a certain extent of course. (If im not very keen to paint sweaty old creepy uncle darrel playing badminton on a canvas the size of a postcard for $50 please dont turn into a psycho and stalk me with obusive messages - i wish this was a hypothetical scenario haha) 😅🤦
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22 days ago
Latest work out of the studio: 'Radiance', 152x122cm, acrylic on canvas. SOLD to a lovely new collector who wanted first dibs if i was ever to paint another large colourful couple in a sensual embrace. Weird and humbling feeling for my last few pieces to sell before being advertised for sale. Got so confused painting this piece, i suppose i've subconsciously developed a few techniques/plans/strategies for colour placements/transitions in singular portraits and nudes, so had to find a way for the 2 different figures here to be seperate yet merged and flowing into eachother. Kind of wanted the woman to 'radiate' heat out into the man. Changed my mind and repainted a few sections countless times but am happy with the result. The background geamotrics are kind of trippy in person too as they have a glossy sheen that makes them almost invisible on an angle, so as you walk past the painting it changes and morphes with the angles and light. Much love. X
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29 days ago
RIP Roy. Plenty of beers and barramundi up there for ya, and hopefully a streaker or 2 to flatten out! @roysymonds - by far my favourite commentator- big bash is gonna be pretty boring without him this season 😌 Sold to a lovely collector who saw a sneak peak of me working on it on my instagram/facebook stories. If you see me working on something that tickles your pickle, shoot me a msg to get first dibs before i finish it and it hits the market. Be nice, life's short. x
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1 month ago