ALVORD OFF-RODEO SEP 9 “number one raddest round up of adventure mobiles on earth” - Steve Zissou ⬇️LOCATION⬇️
mitsubishi returned for a back to back round up champ this year. you gotta give it to this delica for just how outrageous it is! 2nd we got this supercharged gt86 rally mod, easily the most fun car on the playa. 3rd is a close runner up with the jdm 4runner surf! honorable mentions - tw200 tuscan raider sled, and this first gen powerstroke. EVENT MVP @tc.bologna for being the most prepared and saving the day!
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2 months ago
see y’all in a week or sumthin
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3 months ago
It’s official, mark your calendars and get your desert toys ready. We’ll be straight across and north from “Frog Spring Alvord Desert Access” Look for the adventuremobiles :)
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5 months ago
it’s round up season!
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6 months ago
creatures of round up
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1 year ago
@fosterhunting round up top secret documentation files
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1 year ago
Thanks to @pelicanbrewing @abliscbd @jetboil @zenbivy for all the supplies for a good time!
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1 year ago
here it is folks, the peoples choice top 3 rigs and 4th place runner up. this year everyone attending had the chance to vote and these are the results!
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1 year ago
(42.4985761, -118.4191431) Official Alvord Offroadeo Pin. Straight across from Frog Spring - Alvord Desert Access. These conditions are from today, the playa is dry and the pre party has begun! make sure ya bring extra firewood!
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1 year ago
halflinger leadin the cherge
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1 year ago
throwback to the 1997 round up featuring @overkill_campers and @ossiep on a casual cruise.
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1 year ago
round up pre party- 1995 with the @fitgarage crew. for this years raffle @fitgarage has donated a prize of 3hours shop labor to one lucky winner!!
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1 year ago