Christina Hendricks

Champagne photo shoot in the port-a- potty #fbt @lawrensample
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1 day ago
This weekend I went back to #twinfallsidaho to celebrate the life of my dear dear friend Mayz. She was like a second mother to me and one of the most beautiful, open, loving, accepting, pure souls you’ll ever meet with the most loving husband and children you can imagine. People flew in from all over the country to show their love and reunite, some of us hadn’t seen eachother for 20 to 30 years. It was beautiful. And #triscuit saw the house I grew up in and went kayaking! I love you Mayz. #kayaking #snakerivercanyon @kipphamilton @anghart29
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3 days ago
My home town. #twinfallsidaho
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8 days ago
My sweet friend. I will miss you. Your heart was so big and open and loving. Oh we had laughs, bbq’s, late night phone calls, but to look in those eyes during a scene and then see it again on screen, it was magic. We had fun. I Love you Michael . Please, rest. #michaelkwilliams #hapandleonard
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Family @tamaramello @madredeolivia my sweet mom
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13 days ago
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A group of people joining together to sing is what the heart needs. #soundofmusicsingalong it’s my favorite night in Los Angeles #hollywoodbowl @lawrensample #jessicanagle #vaccinated
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The other side of lunch…… @laurabrown99 #triscuit
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1 month ago
@dior ! What for???!!!! Apparently EVERYTHING! @laurabrown99 #triscuit @cafeluxembourg what a beautiful day!!
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1 month ago
Happy birthday to my perfect Angel baby Zou Zou. A more loving soul never there was. #cockapoosofinstagram #zouzou
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1 month ago
Afternoon Sancerre with #Triscuit . #summerdays #cockapoosofinstagram
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Before there were even #goodgirls there were these #madwomen ! And @laurabrown99 who’s a madwoman in her own right. ❤️what a beautiful catch-up and dinner ladies. @kiernanshipka @januaryjones #madmen
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