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“Somewhere Over The Rainbow” was the first song I learned. Knew. Top to bottom. One of my earliest memories was in kindergarten on the black top at school when a 5th grade gal found out I could sing asking me to sing this song & all the kids gathering around to listen. I know every word of this film. It’s a perfect movie. I love revisiting it again & again to see how astonishing Judy’s performance is & how far I’ve come on the yellow brick road of a life. There’s no place like home. With in the self. Side by side with deep friends on the journey toward home too. 🌈❤️ . #HappyBirthday #JudyGarland #wizardofoz @cinespia @tuesdayhamilton
2 years ago
We wanted to help tell our floral story so we can be a part of yours. You’re easy to love Los Angeles. #countylineflorals Thank you @marcmalkin & @variety for premeiring our first County Line Presents: Flowers In My Teeth (The County Line Song) And a deep thank you to my whole rockstar CLF team for bringing this little dream to life. You are the best. I’m looking at you Jess/Sal. Gaines/Pete. Maria/Brad, unbelievable what you did with a voice memo :). And Ryan for tying it all together & working & Emily for keeping us on the rails. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 TEAM: Directed by: 🙋🏻‍♀️ Produced & florals by: Team CLF – AS, Jessica Lopez, Ryan Dwyer, Sally Darquea, Emily Perry. Video production: Butter EP: Judson Morgan DP: Gaines Minton Editor: Lucas Cocicov G&E: Justin Juntilla Music: "Flowers In My Teeth (The County Line Song)" Abigail Spencer: lyrics/music/vocals Maria Taylor: music/vocals/produced by. Brad Armstrong: music/produced by.
2 years ago
Special delivery. Made with love. @countylineflorals #valentinesday
2 years ago
Happy Wednesday! #humpday #lucy #timeless #goofball
2 years ago
You’re easy to love, Los Angeles. xx @countylineflorals 🌺 #valentinesday #february #youreeasytolove
2 years ago
A love letter to lockdown & the ecstatic, complicated energy moving through us all. Hope you find release, hope & light in the afternoon. Thank you to this labor of love group of artists for pulling this together: Tremendous Director: @joshradnor GOAT Choreographer: @dennathomsen Next big thing Cinematography by: @hannahgetz Edited by the wonderful: @aleklev Produced by: @danavghn @joshradnor @abigailspencer Special thanks: @stephanieschuster @ojaivistafarm @claytonhawkins @forward__space @theclass And thank you to sweet @cindersmusic for including us & your leggy cameo. And Joshua for seeing me through your lens 💛🌿. Enjoy xx
3 years ago
My 17 year old me “plan” was to attend Carnegie Mellon for musical theatre. Then upon graduation move to NYC and be on Broadway. That was it. That was the plan. Here is what really happened: I had been doing community theatre since I was 7 years old in Pensacola/Gulf Breeze FL. My gateway drug into musicals was “Funny Girl”. Seeing Barbra at 7 changed my life. Experiencing a woman be funny, heart-breaking, strong, soft, the heroine & the under dog... and that story-telling through her voice: revelatory. So I did the thing. I practiced and took all the dancing & singing lessons I could. Studied the greats on repeat. At age 15 I auditioned to be Ann Reinking’s apprentice at her summer Broadway Theatre Project & got in. She was bringing Chicago & Fosse to broadway and she changed my life. During the school year I did every musical, theatre competition, one act festival that my drama teacher Margie Timmons would let me get my hands on. During the summers I trained with Ann & her team. And then senior year I flew to NYC and auditioned for every major theatre program and got in to my top choice CMU. I met @leslieodomjr during my audition and we became instant life long friends. While I was in NYC I sat in the audience of the Regis & Kathie Lee show. She “discovered” me & called All My Children casting director Judy Blye Wilson who was watching the live feed of the show. Next day, I had a general meeting with her and as I was on my way to CMU she called me several times & convinced me to fly to NYC for a screen test for a new character on the show. I was so excited about CMU I thought the screen test would be a fun story to share one day. Little did I know I would get the part, be calling CMU to defer my enrollment & move to NYC while still a senior at Gulf Breeze High School flying back to attend prom and sing at my high school graduation. I made my plans... and then life happened. It was not MY plan. But I said yes to life happening. I did not resist. And here we are... Stay flexible. Keep pivoting. Be resilient. Keep doing things that bring you joy. Keep following what you love & your curiosity and you’ll always “be on Broadway.”
3 years ago
More 🤓 than 🏝👙. #wickedgame @jamesvmcmorrow @chrisisaak
3 years ago
So... we did about 40 takes of this dance. Incredible how much work it takes for so little screen time. Here is another angle of the dance in totality. Thank you to our incredible seamstress Susan who built this “couture bunny suit” for me that had 4 way stretch so it moved with me. @enomilystu made a work of art! Thanks @officialdaddylonglegs & of course our fair Dany! #Reprisal
4 years ago
In episode 8 you get more of Katherine now Doris’s backstory through Witt. We did this epic dance sequence brought to life. It was cut down for time, but wanted to show more of the hard work from Emily Batson our costume designer & her team, Jonathan Van Tulkeken & his team & Dany our Choreogrpher of what we put together! I used to dance & choreograph + trained with the great Ann Reinking. Was so fun to reconnect with this part of myself... cheers to all who made this moment happen! #Reprisal
4 years ago
#Reprisal premieres December 6, only on @hulu .
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