1 month ago
I hope you stop talking yourself out of the person you actually want to be. I hope you will realize how often things meet you at your expectation of them. How presence is everything, but you also have a choice in what moment you meet. How the way you set your gaze is often how you find the view. That you can decide, in any second of that infinite now, to look for the silver linings, the glimmers, the doorways that are cracked open, inviting you to see the possibility, the potential, the goodness. Most of all, I hope you will understand that you become the person you condition yourself to be. You are a work of your own making, a nurturing that does not only happen by chance, but also, by choice. I hope you will start to see how all those tiny revolutions add up to something greater than their parts. I hope you will begin to realize the power you’ve always had deep inside. I hope you will come to discover that the life you’ve always wanted has always just been waiting for you to start walking toward it, one step at a time. I hope you learn how to bring yourself home.
Thank you ✨ I needed to read that today!
23 days ago
I love this. So beautifully written ❤️
19 days ago
“How the way you set your gaze is now you find the view.” 💀
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19 days ago
Thank you for this🤍
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Our own worst enemies.
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