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@thespectaclebook is the reason I left the house in a crystal skirt. That’s how you know it’s good. My favorite photographers (and close friends bc, make friends with anyone who makes you look and feel as good as they do) @guyaroch & @annapalma have created such a lasting piece of work w this coffee table magazine. It reminds me of when we used to go to locally owned stores in the village to pick up the most fresh new visual art mag. When inspiration was tactile. Love. Grab yours. There are less than 300. 🍒 stickers on every mag courtesy of me playing w my kids stickers and Guy being Guy, making it a cool “thing”. Always with the one of a kind flourish. 🤓♥️🍒📖
/jameskriegerband/song/29405696-elegance. I'm your biggest fan Blake and Ryan for many many years. A song I wrote for Travis on how he feels about Tay Tay. Hope you agree
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Fan de su relación 😍😍
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