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2022 MBC 연기대상, 열심히 달린 올해 , 오랫동안 기억에 남을 특별한 연말을 만들어주셔서 감사합니다. 강희의 성장이, 그 엔딩이 , 내가 우리 팬들한테 들려주고 보여주고싶은 러브레터 같기도 해서 저한테 특별한 드라마였는데요. 이 작품을 하고싶었던 가장 큰 이유가 되어준 팬여러분들 고맙습니다. 강희도 수영이도 소시도 소원도 2022해피엔딩🫶 #팬레터를보내주세요 #happy2023
Style nya slalu sukaa,elegant jarang pake asesoris berlebihan😍😍
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Soona 🫠💘
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Stunning dress for a beautiful woman
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Sooyoung unnie, if you see this message Please send it to Yoona unnie to read. To Yoona unnie. "If you date Junho, as your fan, I have nothing to worry about. I had never been interested in him before. But since 2021 you have been working with him. It made me get to know him better. He's truly an amazing man. He's good at all his duties, smart, charming, lovely, warm, absolutely flawless. Please tell him that this fan of yours really admires him. I don't know what kind of man you're looking for. But if this man named LEE JUNHO asks you on a date, please don't hesitate. I have so much faith and confidence in this man that he will be a good boyfriend." @sooyoungchoi @yoona__lim @[]3005264819642901298
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Although Yoona's beauty cannot be compared with yours, you are not on the same level, but she is also cute.❤️❤️❤️
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Standing by your side makes her beautiful
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