1 month ago
Banks- the sweet/spice/dancing butterfly of our family! 5 years of memories with you are burned on my heart and soul forever and begging for more! You are all the top ingredients! Whimsical, yet practical. Smart-clever-cautious, yet free! Thanks for being ours and for being weird and princessy all in one glorious package!!! Gosh I love you so much! To the best big and little sister there ever was! Happy 5 my little cherry bomb ! I sure hope the next 5 go by a little slower, all the cuddles, tickles, Taylor Swift, brain teasers, treats and trampoline bounces 4life my queen 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄
Those floors and paneling 😍
7 days ago
Gordon is not my boyfriend he is my brother
6 days ago
4 days ago
She’s literally your twin , like splitting image!! 🥰🥺
4 days ago
Where did you get Banks pillow case?
4 days ago
She's Adorable
14 hours ago