Pixwox shaqPost
25 days ago
uh oh @stephenasmith gotta new studio, he betta stay off @dallascowboys or im a have to call TEX JOHNSON
This is awesome! I hope this is real. The best part of that other show was Monday and Tuesday. You guys were flowing. It was real.
22 days ago
whats dat?
21 days ago
😎🙊😎🙊😎🙊 very nice
20 days ago
Imagine pronouncing your own last name incorrectly 😂😂
20 days ago
Lets Gooooooooooo 🔥.
19 days ago
19 days ago
I'm tired of listening to his ass.
15 days ago
Mane awful mane😂
15 days ago
I love the show it's so funny when you on TNT
13 days ago