14 days ago
I apologize in advance to @thechrisjanson & @officialhankjr for singing in keys that sure as hell don’t exist, but I sing from the heart + I got tequila so that always helps 😂🥃 I got the craziest stories out of Nashville when I was a broke 15yr old kid, hanging out on Music Row looking for a job and drinking (diet coke:) in those honky tonk dive bars- with this wild hair of an idea that I was gonna be a country music star. There’s a lot of you out there fighting for your dreams, so keep fighting. Sometimes the things we think we want most in life, are the best things that never happen. Then you find yourself on different roads, fighting for different dreams and knocking on different doors — that eventually open. God Bless Nashville & and God Bless that woman working at @tootsies_orchid_lounge that fateful night 😅🖤🥃 #johnsonandjanson #bocephus #bluesman
Salomla Uzbekistondan
1 day ago
دوستت دارم راک ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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نخور داداش، اینا حرامه
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Nice looks
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даяла д1а
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Salud roca!!!
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