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A great hang with @joerogan for our 3 hour chat!! (we also had a kick ass workout for 3 hours earlier that morning 💪🏾) Here’s the life changing decision I made to not pursue pro football anymore and instead decide to pursue my true passion - pro wrestling. Which lead to a fucking massive and emotional fight with my dad over this decision. Months later, Pat Patterson (my wrestling mentor) would casually just say “keep working” when he came to watch me in the ring and evaluate my talent as I was training. Little I knew, he immediately called Vince McMahon and said “you gotta see this fucking kid”…. Months later Vince McMahon sends me to Memphis, Tennessee to learn the business of pro wrestling. I’ll never forget Vince’s parting words as I walked out of his office… “Hey, kid…. don’t go down to Memphis and cut your forehead up with razor blades” (slicing our foreheads with razor blades was how we bled during matches back in the day🩸) Crazy to look back on how it all started and the unpredictable roads I travelled. One word comes to mind: GRATEFUL. #joeroganexperience #goodtimes
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Listened to every minute. You two inspired me to give the gym another go. God bless.
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