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So you want your kid to acknowledge and appreciate all you do... buttttt also don’t want to “nag” - What’s a parent to do?! Check out this reel to hear Dr. Becky’s answer. And join Dr. Becky and Hilary Duff for an IG Live Wednesday, November 8th at 1pm ET to talk about all things parenting and Hilary’s new book!
Qhats your number? My 7 year old actually does this LOL
11 days ago
SOOOO true!!! The good news is now as my girls are 18 and 22 years old — they do sweetly thank me for all that I have done and provided throughout their lives. It feels wonderful!!! And, self-validation really does work and help. 😊
10 days ago
You are so thoughtful and there for your children.
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This is so good. ❤️
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