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It’s Dwanta Season! 🎅🏾    I invested in this financial company @Acorns because I liked the moves they were making for customers in the money space.    We wanted to create something that gave hard working folks like you guys some financial freedom and stability, one step at time.    So we made the first of its kind Mighty Oak Debit Card, that offers some of the highest APY’s  (3.00% for your checking* & 5.00% for your emergency fund* 👍🏾)    I started with $7 bucks so I know what it’s like to save every buck — every little bit you save and invest means giving your money a chance to grow, slow and mighty.    🔔 We’re giving 7 PEOPLE $50,000 as a gift or possibly to help you get back on your feet, so sign up today for your chance to win. (terms apply) ‼️
 Go to my bio now ☝🏾 and let’s grow your oak with the Mighty Oak Debit Card today. 
 #GrowYourOak  #Acorns #Investor #Dwanta 🎅🏾 
 Dwayne Johnson is a director of Acorns Labs, LLC.
Nice try 🐿️🐿️🐿️🐿️
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I thought this was ai for some reason
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No way this guy is a scammer
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ياخي ما اضخم جدك
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Noooooo thanksssss….. you wanted me to get jab 🥴
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Bro said “DJ heeere”
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