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Hot as hell today in the gym like a sauna, but great training session. We pushed hard and made progress. Been applying the “get to” philosophy lately when it comes to pushing myself, getting after it and raising the bar. And that mindset has really helped me calibrate my perspective and get even more focused. We “get to” put in the work As opposed to we “have to” Big difference you can apply to all areas of life in a positive way. Grateful for the grind. Have a productive week, my friends. *go super light on this chest finisher and squeeze the hell outta the reps. #GetToPhilosophy #ironparadise
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the rock is a monster, look this sksksk
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@kevinhart4real you got to funny react to this haha
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🙌 Source of good life🙌
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Free 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸
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Wresolmenia 40?
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