Pixwox shaqPost
21 days ago
all these players on the top row are my favorite players,HOWEVER i say four games to 2
Bottom All day long!!
1 day ago
Eventhough iverson does not practice the bottom will still win hehhehehe
23 hours ago
Why aint kobe here 😢
18 hours ago
Honestly bottom, just cus SHaq is dat much better than giannis, curry over ai by a bit Lebron over mj for sure, but the shaq vs giannis is too much
18 hours ago
LeBron,steph and giannis unless is the legends had added kobe they would w8n
16 hours ago
Take yannis off and put Hakeem in that spot 🤔🤔 shaqs cryptonight
13 hours ago
KD where is KD
13 hours ago
9 hours ago
Am going with shaq
3 hours ago