16 days ago
Just finally coming down off the high from my trip to NY to release my second children’s book MY LITTLE SWEET BOY! This book makes for a great gift or a sweet addition to your wind down moments. Pick up your copy anywhere books are sold! As always thank you for your love and support ❤️
Congrats! Can’t wait to read it to Ziggy ❤️
13 days ago
I can’t get through either one of them without crying. Nicely done 😩
11 days ago
Love it
10 days ago
You did great in those interviews. If my children and grandchildren were still young t would both of the books for them.
8 days ago
I would love, love, love an autographed book from you. Things are really bad. My mommy just passed away, and my work got rid of me because I took leave to take care of her. Pretty please, can you send my girls an autographed book. Been a huge fan of yours forever. In fact, my daughter gave me your cd the other day from our cd player. Thank you. 🥰 fingers crossed
2 days ago