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✨ Emmy award winning nominee 🏆 Prof. dancer & winner on DWTS 🫶🏼 Mama to Leo & Jet ❤️‍🔥 Wife to @carson.mcallister 💌 [email protected]
Thank you for all your kind words of support it means so much to me! I will miss dancing for you all every single week this season but I know it’s the right decision for me and my family right now. I love you all 🤍🙏🏼🥹 #dwts #family #familyovereverything #witneycarson #workingmom
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My 9 month pp journey for the second time, and what a JOURNEY it was! I feel you mamas, it’s freaking hard! You’re stronger than you think! Does it get harder with every baby because wow?! 😅 #pp #postpartum #postpartumjourney #postpartumbody #9months #9monthspostpartum
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9 months in vs. 9 months out 💫🫶🏼🥹 #9months #9monthsin9monthsout #9monthsold #9monthspostpartum
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How’d I get lucky enough to have THREE Valentines this year?! 🥹💫💕 my whole world in this video! Carson is asking me who I’m going to choose… Yeah right!! #valentines #vday #myvalentines #mywholeworld #family #love #motherhood #boymom
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My little heartbreakers 😍💕 #heartbreakers #valentines #valentine #vday #mom #momandsons
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Early Valentine’s Day date with my boys 😍🫶🏼💕 such a fun day! Carson knows me well- his orders and links in my stories! #vday #valentines #valentinesday #couples #husbandandwife
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This Valentine’s Day, Carson and I looked back on how our love story started and it always makes me emotional. From our first date, to now raising two beautiful baby boys, it feels like a dream. #KAYPartner Carson chose this beautiful diamond tennis bracelet from @kayjewelers for me, so I can always be reminded of our story and how far we’ve come together. I feel like the luckiest girl everyday I’m with him! I’d love to hear how YOU met your significant other below… and if you’re still looking, don’t settle. Timing is everything! 💕 #KAYCrew
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I’ve been dying to learn this! 🔥 DC: @keonemadrid #bts #jungkook #standingnexttoyou
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Explored the natural springs today with my guys! Jet stayed behind on this one but we soaked up just Leo, Daddy, and Mommy time! This is a must if you’re in Fl >> 😍✨
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Decided to do a beach day this morning, and it was just what we needed 🌊☀️
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Sometimes you just gotta get your camera out and capture the craziness before bedtime, so you’ll never forget ✨🥹 this morning both my boys were screaming for me to hold them.. I felt anxious, overwhelmed from the crying. Then I realized these days would be over before I was ready.. I hugged them tighter. Motherhood is wild and magical all at once. Isn’t it?!
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