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Revision of older crown. As time went on this patient developed black triangles between all of her original teeth. The crowns were over built and gray in color. We replaced them with zirconia based crowns, redesigned and eliminated the black triangles while bringing vitality back to the smile. LA NEXT WEEK
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Another revision case. We can all argue about what looks better. Clearly I’m going to say the after…however we have to all agree that the ceramic, in this case, is so much healthier. Look closely at the margins of the before and all of the bacteria that composite traps. Clean contacts, clean margins all contribute to a healthy mouth. LA SOON
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A large part of what we do is revision work. It’s a tricky space to navigate because although the patients typically are coming because they’re not happy with what they currently have but at the same time they get used to what they have. Psychologically they’ve lost trust in the process and tend to want to control the outcome because it’s their 2nd time doing it. Again, tricky to navigate but we brought this one home. 10 #porcelainveneers
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Taking talented people and making them extraordinary is my specialty. The learning is done through a community of extraordinary professionals all committed to one thing and that’s to be great. Build a team with with a common vision and there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.
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Some big things coming with @latelierforte .
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Today was a very special day for me. I got to share the stage with my friend, my mentor, my confidant to talk about our journey…in front of doctors, long time friends and our office. Life is about creating relationships with extraordinary people. We have a very special one that I am so thankful for. ❤️
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So the goal with every patient is not to just create smiles…it’s to create health, beauty, and an elegance. As we continue our conversation of facial beauty and holistic beauty advice…some patients actually listen. Here is a great example. This patient was getting fillers in her labial folds pushing her lip down and not allowing her to show her teeth as much as she once did. It made her face look “heavy”. I explained this to her and she stopped. As the fillers dissipated it allowed her lip to rise naturally. Beyond that her teeth were too cold/white. They were also impinging on her gums make them red/irritated that caused a chronic inflammatory process to occur making the gums appear red/purple around the top of the old veneers. By removing them with properly contoured veneers this allowed the gums to heal turning them back to her original healthy pink color…also removing that inflammatory process from happening. We included the lowers because white upper teeth with dark lower teeth just looks half done. And now that her lip rises naturally she again shows the gum line in her smile making her look younger yet. All of this is unpacked in each case we take on. MIAMI NEXT WEEK
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Restoring the bite and revitalizing the teeth. MIAMI NEXT WEEK
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No photoshopping allowed 😂. New format to try and give a better understanding of what the actual teeth look like without all the fancy lighting. Comment below if you like or don’t. MIAMI NEXT WEEK
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Today I celebrated my 47th birthday and got to spend the day with my mother, family and loved ones. These things today have a lot more significance. It’s called getting old 😂. But it’s cool.
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@murilocalgaro_ have been at it since 2018, and together him and I have created a language for the offices to be able to replicate our process with the other dentists and technicians. It has also allowed us to create that “extra special” characteristics that really bring smiles to life.
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I think I part of strength beyond teaching the clinical dentistry is creating a mindset. So part of my day is grabbing time with the team shape the mindset of HOW they are looking at patients. Teaching through stories for me is always more effective.
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