Cristiano Ronaldo


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Until the very end! 👊 We keep going, no stopping!
5.0m 52.6k
2 dni temu
4.4m 36.6k
3 dni temu
Hoje com o meu parceiro ❤️
19.8m 136k
5 dni temu
What a night! We’re through to the next stage, thank you all for the support! 👊
6.4m 48.7k
6 dni temu
Getting ready for the Champions League match! 👊
5.1m 39.2k
7 dni temu
Good vibes 😎
5.3m 43.1k
8 dni temu
Another win, another goal ⚽️ Let's keep going @alnassr !
4.1m 30.5k
10 dni temu
Who's counting? 🤔
5.2m 43.2k
12 dni temu
Kicking off the round of 16 with a win! Good work, team! 💪
6.1m 44.9k
13 dni temu
Focused on the job ahead! 😤💪🏽
5.2m 52.3k
16 dni temu
Nothing beats a little sunshine after training ☀️👌🏽
8.4m 98.1k
20 dni temu
Grateful to spend my 39th birthday the best way possible: with my family and back on the training pitch. Thank you all for the warm messages! 🎂❤️🙏🏽
18.1m 206k
21 dni temu