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bisou. nice to meet you.💋 📸 @claytonhawkins
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Happy 72nd birthday mother. I love you & I’ve always loved this moment of you. ♊️
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I lose control (of my skin) whenever @biodermausa is not next to me. The Sensibio H2O Micellar Water has been keeping this face clean since 2006. Makes me wanna sing! #biodermapartner #TheOriginalMicellarWater  #karaokefacewash
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While on the phone with my son @notjustinallen 📷 the moment & the message. ❤️. #austin #iloveyousomuch #atx📍
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Join me & @jimbyrdcat moderated by @indiewire #BenTravers tonight May 31st 9 pm for a very special screening of the indie series SHATTER BELT (episodes 3/4) created by Jim Ward Byrkit (Coherence) & myself (me co-starring & EP’ing.) at the Stateside Theatre in Austin, Texas at the @atxfestival 📺 We are going to be talking about the process, our collaboration over the years + where we are headed. THE @pattonoswalt also stars with a wonderful, wonderful cast. Come conversate & support Indie TV! You can’t see it anywhere else at the moment so come say hi! 🤠. #bts #staytuned 📷 @devinstinson
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So thrilled to co-host the first @biodermaus dinner in the US at the historic Houdini Estate honoring my favorite “pink cap” from top to petals. I’ve been using #bioderma ‘s truly #magicofmicellarwater #makeoff my face since 2006. Helping this team firmly plant their pink presence in America & welcome CEO Jeremy Bayen & his Bioderma/NAOS family to LA a delight! Thanks to my LA friends for joining & learning more about one of my favorite French fountains of je ne sais quoi. #biodermapartner 📷 @iamrichroyal Additional merci’s for making it all the more 💖 Florals: @countylineflorals Illusionist: @riccardoberdini Tarot: @angiebanicki Music: @djmichellepesce Flavor: Chef Richie Lopez @richi_peru Beverages: @champagne_billecart_salmon @flow Blankets: @janessaleone PR: @bluprintpr Special thanks: @ericacornwall Also very special thank you to @biodermausa for taking this opportunity to support @allianceofmoms 💕
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Happy (belated) Birthday 🦅 @sterlingspencer 🎉 Love you brother ❤️
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Why I “We Care”: In 2011 my father died suddenly of a heart attack on Valentine’s Day in Malibu CA after a surf at his favorite spot: County Line. Some people know this story, some don’t, about how this one moment, this one instant changed the course of my life. I also entered into a very painful & ongoing divorce & custody journey with my then 2 year old son’s father. But what I could never have predicted was the physical health journey I would go on after these two life shattering events. The grief was trapped in my body & I started having bouts of bronchitis & chronic ENT issues. Simultaneously my work life increased and I had the joy of having several opportunities to help create some of the characters in movies & tv shows you may or may not have seen. Contraction/Expansion. By 2015 - 2019 I was keeping long hours, sometimes 16 - 21 hour days. Traveling on weekends to be with my son. I love to create & I had caught a wave when Mad Men came into my life & I decided to surf it. The toll… most people don’t know that I was on 3 - 4 rounds of antibiotics a year to keep working & living. I had a doctor visit me one weekend when my body gave out on set & reported that my adrenals were so low that he didn’t know how I was walking, talking or functioning. Friends were reaching out planning a potential intervention because they were so worried about me. I had to change course. I had to find more support. I had become so used to being a sick, high functioning person that I couldn’t recall what it was like to be well. My insides were falling apart. I developed chronic cystic acne. The stress was unbearable. But on the outside: no one could tell.
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