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Where to next wife? HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We Wuv you Wowo !!!!
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Happy Birthday @matthewkoma I feel like the luckiest girl in the world ♥️ you make our days better and NEVER DULL- love you morshhhh
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Sha La La - @winnetkabowlingleague is out and I couldn’t be a prouder wife. Love watching my Husband create and be fulfilled. I’m always surprised with what his clever brain comes up with, the way he sees things, the stuff that effects him, and the way he can twist up words to strike you or move someone is an art form I will never quite understand. Love you bub - wish we were in Ojai celebrating you - instead you crushed all the kids lunches this week and are about to start the birthday party/ activity circus that has turned into our weekends ⏰🙃
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🌻 Townes girl 🌻
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Happy Mother’s Day- it’s messy and hard and high and low and sticky and bright and warming and beautiful . So grateful for all these people who chose me. So grateful to have this mayhem under one roof - appreciative of the support systems we have- grateful for my comic of a husband - all my friends , moms or not, and very important to also be grateful for myself …I dig deep everyday to give enough or a little more to these people I love and really find out what I’m made of… I wouldn’t know how to do that if my mama didn’t do it for me♥️ sending love out 😘💗💐✨
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Townes Meadow Bair 🧸 , now we know why she made us wait so long…She was perfecting those Cheeks! I Have been dreaming of holding you in my arms for months and the past 5 days of getting to know you, stare at you and smell you has been pure moments of magic. We all love you like you’ve been here all along beauty. 5/3/24 @birthingrhythm @littleplumphoto
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Some random pics of the 5 of us before that changes foreverrrrr
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Pretty slow week around here. And gently trying to give baby the eviction notice
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Loving you from way too many miles away today my girl. You mean the world to me. You are wildly unique, intricate, full of love and fun. Constantly missing you. Happy Birthday.
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4 kids is a truly wild choice. And while you rage the farmers market with the kids after 4 nights of shows and late nights so I can get some sleep and not hear mom mom mama mommy mooooom just know this only works because of you ♥️. Also on a separate note…. Why can I sleep during the day this late in pregnancy and not at night 😣😵‍💫
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Luca, Banks and i had the best morning yesterday washing Foster puppies for my good friend Sasha @loveleorescue Sadly adoptions are way down right now😞 these gorgeous Great Pyrenees pups were found in the desert with their mom who was trying her best to take care of them but was pretty malnourished herself. Mom is absolutely gorgeous and about 60 pounds. And her 7 pups don’t disappoint!!!! If you are in the market for some wholesome spring time puppy love and are serious about adopting please reach out to @loveleorescue
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Loving you - is some kind of WONDERFUL Mae Mae !!! Happy 3rd Birthday angel 🐻 you love jumping in puddles , “pantry food” , “leggins wiff a dress”, “smoodies”, made up stories at night, your sis and bro, unicorns, adventures, clean hands, dancing to karma, doing things all by yourself and being fair!! We love you love you love you and your beautiful giant pancake eyes!
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