Cristiano Ronaldo

Atenção fãs do Brasil! Está no ar a promoção Encontro dos Sonhos da @clear.haircare no qual terás a oportunidade de nos vir conhecer, a mim e à @martavsilva10 , aqui na Europa. É isso mesmo. Visita o site #clearmeleva para mais informações (participações válidas até 17/09/2021) The Promotion “Encontro dos Sonhos” with @clear.haircare Brazil is on air! Join us at
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My beautiful queen ❤️
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Powerful, energetic and witty. CR7 Game On is all you need to invigorate your summer nights! #CR7FRAGRANCES
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Decision day 🤔
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A good weekend to everyone 😎🙏🏽
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CR7 Eyewear is inspired by classic frames with a slight touch of modernity. Have you already chosen your favorite model? #CR7EYEWEAR
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My love 💙
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Obrigado a todos que me ajudaram a atingir mais uma marca histórica! 🇵🇹👏🏽
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Se você tiver o “ter” sem o “ser”, não pertence a você. 😉 #LR
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The future is in our hands, We touch our hair 96x a day which may transfer dirt, grease & bacteria. Wash your hands, but don’t forget to also wash your hair. For my hair hygiene I choose Clear Men. With its 3x Dandruff fighting power, it fights dandruff, grease & germs to give me a clean and healthy scalp. Stay hygiene, stay safe! #clearmen #clearheaded
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Peace of mind 🌊
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What a magical date - 07.07 to introduce you to my new hotel @pestanacr7 Times Square, in New York 🤩! Book now and discover the coolest new hotel, in the best location in town! #PestanaCR7TimesSquare #pestanacr7
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