Cristiano Ronaldo


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I can’t live without @WHOOP — the wearable that tracks everything from my sleep and recovery, to training and stress. This week, I sat down with the founder and CEO, @WillAhmed , to talk about my data and how it drives me every day to keep pushing to stay in the game. Click the link in my bio to watch the full episode and to join me on WHOOP and unlock your own peak performance.
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Only in Riyadh! 🥊 🔥
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Greatness is the Goal ⚽️ To stay at the top of your game, it takes knowing your body inside and out. I’ve been wearing @whoop for years to help me perform at my best, finding ways to fine tune my sleep, improve my training, and recover better. I’m excited to officially be a partner of WHOOP — stay tuned for more exciting updates. 👀
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Never give up! 🔥 LET'S GO!!
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My best moves start with the best nutrients. That’s why I don’t go anywhere without @herbalife Formula 1 to keep me at peak performance. I call this move The Formula 1 Shot. #BestMoves #LiveYourBestLife
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Always work hard! 💪 Come train with me on the @erakulis app!
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Feliz dia da mãe para as melhores do mundo ❤️
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Feeling great, thanks team and fans! 🌟⚽⚽⚽
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King's Cup final! Let's GO! 👏
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Ready 👌
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Happy with the win, let’s keep it going! 🔥
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Have you ever seen anything like this? Nature and Madeira Island are just one. Venture outdoors, discover unforgettable landscapes and create memories that will last forever. Come feel alive, Madeira is waiting for you! @visitmadeira
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Happiness ❤️
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Felicidades mi amor te amamos #AngelyBella 🥰❤️
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Hey, don’t forget to hydrate!💧 @ursu9_official
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Keep working 👊
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Back to work
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Eid Mubarak! Wishing you all joy, peace and happiness on this special day.
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It’s hard work making it look easy, but it sure is fun! 😃 Check out a behind the scenes preview of our great partner @Cristiano sharing his #Bestmoves with us 💪🏽⚽! Lots more to come. #LiveYourBestLife #ImWithYou
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Another important win! 💪
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Happy days 💚
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