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power to the people weclome power revolution world peace I love Asian girl black while Asian Latin together fight🙏✌✊💕💖💖💖💕💕❤💓💓💝🇺🇸🌎 i m
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@constancewu you literally crying allegation of sexual harassment I hardly you apology you was temporarily upset forget cult you asian America made you get help there an entire day our future I watch crazy rich Asian you had to fight #waybackwednesday #constancewu #wednesdayvibes
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Good and evil people are not clearly distinguished good and evill coexist within one person. Even if one seems good ,greed and temptation always exist together inside we simply try to resist from being activated by evil in best moment is the way that grow came light was still alive your temper happened to gabby petito brian laundrie both death different words religion that we loss sacheen littlefeather native American activist dies at 75 inspiration culture in which the world forgiveness of sin has dropped problems identity change yourself #28reasons #seulgi #sacheenlittlefeather #tuesday #tuesdayvibes
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Twicetober yeah it&#039 ;s Twicetober yalll but sad new activist sachets littlefeather dies at 75 who refused Oscar for Marlon Brando its Monday she will be missed #twice #twiceanniversary #mondaymotivation
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One year year later and the discussion of domestic violence I watch movie the gabby petito case is close what happened to gabby petito brian laundrie both death pls let it go he killed himself in Florida time for move on too soo yall do nothing I watch little women little women episode is not coming weekend it&#039 ;s boring weekend nobody care feel sorry gabby petito brian laundrie family not involved didn&#039 ;t approve it&#039 ;s bad because people are terrorists who care about this go watch hocus pocus 2#littlewoman #gabbypetito #lazysundays
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Now I watched little women it&#039 ;s about who care flopped k drama anymore because foolish flopped k drama is ending in life whi care tomorrow episode Sunday saturday Monday I&#039 ;m bored this it&#039 ;s enough why you stop watching little women it&#039 ;s flop #littlewoman #kdramaweekend #saturdaymood
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Believe God chrislike deeds of love,mercy ,forgi,justice, and peace would make in our world worked must be will would be made show began fun #flashbackfriday #firdayvibes #fridaymotivation
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I have some sad news coolio dies at 59 as you walk down the road of our destiny and xthe time comes to choose which shall it be the wide and crooked of the straight and narrow we go one voice to give and one life to life stand up for something or lie down in your game that we sing it&#039 ;s up to you to make it big I guess I&#039 ;ll when get there when you see me thank you for all this hits my deepest condolences peaceful journey #thorwbackthursday #coolio #ripcoolio #thursdayboots
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@haydenpanettiere giving up custody od daughter Kaya sorry 😞 I heartbreak news breaking work on yourself #waybackwednesday #wednesdayvibes #haydenpanettiere
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James earl Jone voice of Darth Vader hanging up his cape be replaced by al he is finally retired happy birthday @nakedbibi #tuesdayvibes
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My aesthetic is beach vibes vintage cottage aradecore vaporwave soft ghetto indiecore retrocore Normcore 90s aesthetic y2k angel core cloud core thriftcore romance academia toy core spacecore hard style softcover psychedelic Halloween core disco 70s neo tokyo diesel punk trashcore strip core clowncore transparent pastel aesthetic neon vintage I watch once upon a small town on Netflix e boy e girl B boy b girl 70s this is all my aesthetic core oh stayction relaxing #myaesthetic #myaestheticroutine #mondaymotivation #motivation #motivationmonday
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Little women is will coming Saturday Sunday will be not next episode Oscar winning &#039 ;cuckoo net &#039 ; Louise fletcher died and wolf hall author Hilary mantel has died aged 70 #littlewoman #lazysundays #sundaybrunch #sundayfunday #louisefletcher #hilarymantel
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Happy belated birthday @yuqisong.923 watch B movie 1970s 1980 1980s I love it #happyyuqiday #saturdaymood #saturdayworkout
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