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I carry the sun in a golden cup. The moon in a silver bag.💚🐬✨ Wearing- @mynomad.in Styled by- @_neelangi_
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Hopping on this trend 🦋💜 #reelsinstagram #reelitfeelit #trending
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This song is so close to my heart ♥️ First look of #Paagla releasing on this 26th!!!! @a.k .h.i.l_01 @navjitbuttar @anshul300 @raghav.sharma .14661 @rajfatehpuria @sunnyvikmusic @desimusicfactory
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Baby do you wanna be mine?♥️ #reelsinstagram #reelitfeelit #whatiwore #trending
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You can’t match my vibe 💜🐬 #styledbyme Tee- @bonkers.corner Trousers- @bonkers.corner Bag- @miraggiolife Hat- @creativetrailsbyanne Accessories- @klissaa_ Shoes- @gucci 📸- @amandeepnandra
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Happy Father’s Day papa 😂❤️ love you 😘😘😘😘 @amandeepnandra
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I’ve seen the bottom now I’m ready for the top 🔥♥️ Wearing- @urbanic_official 📸- @amandeepnandra
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Number likh lo 👻😂❤️ @tonykakkar @anshul300 @raghav.sharma .14661 @desimusicfactory
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A well read woman is a dangerous creature.❤️📖 @book.chor
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Dil hote jo mere seene mein do doosra dil bhi mein tumhe deta todhne ko ❤️✨ Wearing- @mynomad.in Styled by- @_neelangi_ 📸- @amandeepnandra
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Girls compete. Women empower.💚🔥 Wearing- @urbanic_official Jacket- @shopheymissy Bag- @miraggiolife Styled by- @_neelangi_ 📸- @amandeepnandra
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