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Guess the time I took here in getting ready with #dysonairwrap hairstyler ♥️ A few appreciation points which I would really like to mention here about this super cool piece of technology- • It styles with air not the extreme heat 🥵 • Designed for every style and hair type 😍 • By combining moisture in the hair with the powerful airflow and controlled heat , it styles and dries at the same time 💫 • Hair looks smoother and happier than ever before ♥️ #dyson #dysonhair #dysonairwrap @dyson_india @dyson @dysonhair
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Pyaaar sa aaa ra hai muje inhe dekh kar 😉♥️ Ye post inke lie 😜🤗
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Posham pa ..... 🌙
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Lemme tell one interesting thing about my father .. He rarely gets his pictures clicked , and when he does , he expects the camera man to make him look laughing , look the youngest , look in some different clothes which he is imagining himself in and make him sit with the people he wants to be with in the picture all at the same time with some photography magic😂😂 Matlab khud se hnsenge bhi ni , par picture me ni dikhe unhe hanste hue , to bolenge tumhe click krni ni aati 😂😂 He has some very cute rare characteristics which I will share some day with you all . A wonderful human he is like all the fathers 🤗 Well , happy Father’s Day to all the fathers , sons , daughters 🤗
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The musing of #zarazara have us hooked deeply . Tune in now 💫 #zeemusicoriginals @amyradastur93 @stebinben @piyush_shankar @anuragbedii
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Eh chori tu toh aaaj bhi ghna bdhia naaach le hai 😂😂🤗♥️
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It’s always trending ... 👁
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It’s here 💙
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Video or a photo ??
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