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Chronic Illness Warrior & Traveler💪🏾🧳 🎗️Crohn's,MS,EDS,ADHD- Spoonie🦓🥄 📍Made in 🇺🇸| Living in 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 💍In my Bridal Era -CM🥹💚🩶 ✨Lover of 🐼 ♎️🛍️🏈📚🍷🐎🎶
En route:: Traveling from Miss to Mrs.. Current stop:: Fiancée Cityyy 💍 First I traveled solo around the world, then this Florida gal somehow landed in the UK, and finally I thought I was happily anchored down, just when I got fortunate enough to meet the kindest soul I’ve ever known… We chirpsed, fell in love, made a home together, and now my King just proposed for me to go on one more journey… The kind where our fairytale love story has no ending, but we’ll get to spend FOREVER writing and rewriting it!!! So ABSOFREAKINLUTELY, YES, OF COURSE, DUHHHH!! As if I could do life without my partner in mind, body, heart and soul.. THANK YOU CONNOR FOR BEING MY HAPPINESS!!!! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ALL THE STARS!! My King, my Cubby, my soulmate, my person, I’ll have your back forever & always!!!! 💚🩶
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Whew…. Ok so this was really tough to open up and share publicly, as only a handful knew about my real conditions. I want to thank @glasgowlive for gaining interest, asking permission, and then sharing my story written oh so beautifully… I genuinely hope this helps anyone who may be feeling confused or embarrassed about their health symptoms. This is the reason I decided to share my story in the first place. I wish I had SOME sort of advice or knowledge these past 20 years. To connect and meet with others who may be suffering from the same things you are, truly makes you feel a whole lot less alone in this dark cold world! 🫶🏾 Now please allow me to express my thanks & sincere gratitude so very much to everyone who has donated and/or shared thus far!! Regaining my freedom and relieving just a tiny bit of this full body chronic agony and stress from my day to day life is my ultimate goal. I have a lifelong journey ahead of me and every little bit helps for me to continue on this fight. No matter how small or big, your donations and generosity have been extremely appreciated!!! You are all truly helping to save my life… AND I THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY IRREGULAR BEATING HEART!!! 🥹🙏🏾💚 #SpoonieSupport #CrohnsFighter #MSWarrior #ChronicIllness #InvisibleIllnessClub #GoFundMe /news/glasgow-news/glasgow-woman-suffering-pain-everyday-27599804
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I’d rather be known as that one person who’s spreading kindness & love, than the one spewing disgust & hate.. I’d rather be known as the someone people feel emotionally safe with, than walking on eggshells around.. And I’ll always try to be that person for you guys! It gives me purpose and strength to spread kindness and make others feel seen, heard and SAFE! Things I’ve barely ever felt myself.. 💚💚💚💚💚 #KindnessIsMagic #SpoonieLife #AutoimmuneDiseaseWarrior #DomesticViolenceSurvivor #SafeSpace #JudgementFreeZone
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Thank you so much @vegaglasgow & @tequilaroseuk for this delightful treat of a 90’s Boozy Brunch!! My Fiancé and I absolutely loved it! 🥂 The entertainment @havanablonde , the meal, cocktails & staff were all excellent and I am so pleased to have won your May Giveaway! The Tamagotchis & slinkies were truly a great nod to the 90’s and very much enjoyed! 🤌🏾 Thanks again for spicing up my life this Saturday! 💁🏾‍♀️✌🏾✨💚
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I hope you all are having a stellar Sunday with your family & friends on this US Mother’s Day!! 💐 Your girl is coming down to London in a few weeks for a hospital stay, maybe try on some Wedding Gowns, and give hugs and kisses to my favorite people!! Stressed, exhausted and unwell right now, but super excited to see you guys!! 🫠✨💚 Beer garden or Rooftop when I come into town?! Craving a delish Espresso Martini! 😜🍸 #SpoonieBride #AutoimmuneDiseaseWarrior #ChronicIllnessAwareness
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Happy 59th Birthdayyy to the Queen of my world, my rockstar of a Mommy!!!!! 🥳🥂💎💐💚 1. Thank you Mommy for ALWAYS supporting me!! 2. Cheers to YOU on your special day! 🍸 3. I’m grateful you see a bit of value in me, and therefore haven’t given me away yet! 🙌🏾😅 (I know there’s still time before I’m married tho 👀) 🤣 4. I love this documentation of you sharing my Giants blanket with me 🫠… Just admit you love Football more than you let on! 🫣 5. Your pride and joy was your girls being well behaved and dressing stylishly.. 6. I’ll always attempt to live up to your standards, and present myself in a dignified manner! (But with my own individual sassy yet classy flare of course💁🏾‍♀️) 7. Your work ethic and self made success is extraordinary and I am in awe of your talent daily!! 🌟 8. You were raised by the absolute best parents in Haiti who gave up everything to give you all more opportunities in the States. Which is no wonder you are as phenomenal, generous and beautiful as you are! 💞 9. I love holding your hand when we walk the streets of Chicago, because I never want to take a moment in your presence for granted! 10. The Breakers Palm Beach.. which holds the most special spot in my heart because of you! Those shopping dates and Sunday brunches growing up are my most cherished memories! You made life extra special for us because we lost Poppy so young. You did it all and you still do it all! You are a Beautiful Boss!!!! ❣️ I love you my Mommy!!! 💝 Happy Birthdayyy!!!!
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Eeeep guys!!! I can’t believe I’ll have a new name soon! 😝💍👰🏾‍♀️ ✨ Thank you @victoriabyerly_ for this absolute bangin sweatshirt with my future name embroidered! I may be marrying @mr.mclatchie , but YOU missy are my Soulmate, my MOH and my person!! I love you! Thank you for making me feel special from over 4,000 miles away!! 🥹🥰💛💚 #BrideToMe #FromMissToMrs💍 #SpoonieBride
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All out of spoons, only knives left! 🥄🔪 ((And I’m losing my damn mind)) What is a Spoonie? Confused by the concept of Chronic Illnesses? Believe you know what all disabled people “look” like? Think it’s totally fun to be stuck at home/ in bed every single day? (Fun fact:: it’s NOT) Please scroll if you want ——> ✌🏾🐼✨💚 #InvisibleIllnessClub #SpoonieBaddie #ChronicIllnessAwareness by
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