Anxious planning last night with @keahiiiiiii to make it to @alohagotsoul for #kalapanamusic Kalapana II reissue and merch❣👍 Got there on time, met great people, rescued a caterpillar, scored awesome stuff and the man himself @rogerbong brought us seating so we could enjoy our #foryoui 'dchasearainbowsherbet from @asatofamily . Such chivalry! Mahalo everyone🥰
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Oh yeah - breaking my "No Bumper Stickers" rule for this one❣❣ Song: "All I Want" my fave from Kalapana's first album (reissued by #alohagotsoul ) #kalapanamusic #kalapana #kirkthompson #malanibilyeu #davidjohnpratt #djpratt #mackeyfeary #alliwant
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Don't you love when the ohana calls you for impromptu shell seeking at Mokuleia but the "good" place is too crowded so everyone makes the best of it - playing with the dogs, collecting driftwood, eating homemade bentos, talking story while the sun sets? 🥰 #nofishwereharmedinthemakingofthisvideo #whosefeetgottheblackest ? #noshellsjustdriftwood #letsdoitagain #kalapanamusic #kalapana #malanibilyeu #djpratt #mackeyfeary #kenjisano #gaylordholomalia
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Love you my coconut girl, tako diver, artist, gamer, awesome niece, daughter, granddaughter, aunty, tour guide, etc! @lacking_focus #coconutgirl #brothernoland #pacificparadisealbum
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Headed to Kaaawa but had to stop at Nanko's for diving stuff and Masa & Joyce for okazu🤣 with @lacking_focus @kanoe_rod @sueae_nohea @acskimo @keahiiiiiii #sassafrass #delbeazley #tako #kaaawa
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Dad and Junior. Longjohns, music, fishing, etc. When his beautiful granddaughter married this handsome guy he got a partner in crime💖 @sueae_nohea 🎶And amazing music from Japan - not sure of the real title but according to GT its "Ice Manicure" by #tatsuroyamashita
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Dad & Jake - so many memories. Song: "Only Good Times" by #malanibilyeu from Tom Moffat's Legacy album
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Love liner notes, credits, etc. So much info! I mean, who knew that the two organ solos on "Powerslide" were by two different artists?? #davidyoshiteru #gaylordholomalia #mackeyfeary #mackyfearyband #vinylrecords See, this is the kind of thing I love reading. Must be my portagee blood! Actually, being portagee has nothing to do with blood or ancestry - Portagee is a state of mind 😁
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Wonder if she loves the record, the music, or the bed 😆🥰🎼 #catsandvinyl Song: "Flight 064" from the "Summer Fusion" album from #djpratt (who must really like #samba #vinylrecords )
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My Dad ❤ Always made time for family. Took jobs based on how much time he could spend with us. Lot of beach time.( Not a great swimming instructor though - tossing me into the Natatorium didn't take 😆) Continued with grandkids and great grandkids. He would be so stoked to see his 3 great granddaughters surfing together. 💞🏄‍♀️💖🏄‍♂️ Song: "Down By The Sea" from Kalapana in Concert album #kalapana #kalapanamusic #kirkthompson #malanibilyeu #djpratt #michaelpaulo #alvinfejerang #randyaloya #kimocornwell
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Just want to thank you again, Alan G., for these original records from ages ago. I promise to take good care of them. 😁 The original "Macky Feary Band" album was so difficult to get that I only had the download so really happy to get it. So great that #alohagotsoul has reissued it this week for fans who haven't been able to get it! Song on video is Mackey's "You're Young" - love it!! #mackeyfeary #mackyfearyband
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