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A taste of The “New” Ibiza. I went to #Ibiza last summer for the first time for a quick 3 day🌪️. I felt like the lead of my own chaotic Survivor/RomCom. On the other side of that trip I left thinking “I’m good on Ibiza! Never need to do that again!” It’s an island with a very particular & polarizing energy. It pulls you into it’s volcanic vortex of disruption to seemingly test you with two options; move there forever or leave immediately to avoid certain, over-absorption. Time is a construct, plans are a suggestion, art is imminent and magical meetings a moment. It has a heal or steal type of velocity to it’s sorceric, Spanish history. And I felt like I had learned all my lessons from Lady Ibitha last year. Little did I know but 8 months later I’d be back on the wagon for a wind whipped, locals only, off season tour, re-discovering & adventuring the with fresh eyes, my ❤️@vallsoscar & a little help from the wonderful @mambobrothers I have to say: it was an incredible trip. Some of the best meals of my life with the most glorious sunsets & generous companions to boot. Three non-negociables are Sa’capella, Juntos & Gracioneta with each environment being truly unique. A 30 minute plane ride from Barcelona I see why it’s the “Mexico” of Europe & what Cabo is to us Angelenos. I can’t wait to explore all the Balearic Islands this summer. 🇪🇸. Here’s a quick peek & suggestion box for next time: Ibiza: 🗳️ Hostal: @latorreibiza Casa Lhasa: @casa.lhasa.ibiza Chiringito Cala gracioneta: @calagracioneta House of Wow: @wowibiza Juntos: @juntos.farm Hambre: @hambreibiza Nudo: @nudo_ibiza Jockey Club: @jockeyibiza Sluiz: @sluizibiza Sa’capella: @sacapellaibiza *I’ll have to get you some coordinates for some amazing hikes. I haven’t done @sixsenses.ibiza @sixsenses yet but I hope to next time! (Yes I said next time! You win #Ibiza 😅) And if you are really feeling like straight up old school Ibiza: there’s always @dc10ibizaofficial Oh and #Formentera is always a good idea. 🏝️. xx AS💋
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Merry month of May. 🌺🌸🌷. @countylineflorals 📷 @stephanieschuster
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Costa Brava + Pals 🇪🇸 #travel #traveltuesday
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Chef’s💋. Merci & Grazie. @goop @gwynethpaltrow @loropiana xx
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Just @loewe me alone. 📷 @claytonhawkins
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