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She's a (pickle) baller. 🏓 #barbie #barbiestyle⁠
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Felt vibey. 💗 #barbie #barbiestyle
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What I bring to the table: good food and amazing friends. Happy #FriendsGiving ! 🧡 #barbie #barbiestyle
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The Sunday blueprint. ☕️🍂 #barbie #barbiestyle
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Behind the scenes with the Christmas Queen 🛷 Sneak a peek at our photoshoot with the @MariahCarey Barbie doll! #Barbie #BarbieStyle #MariahSZN
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Happy #MariahSZN to all who celebrate 🎁✨ #Barbie
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Ring in the season with @MariahCarey x Barbie – a true holiday classic worth singing about for years to come! 🎤✨ #Barbie #MariahSZN
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How many looks do you wear in a day? ⏰ #barbie #barbiestyle
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The B in RBD stands for Barbie, right? 😉🎶 #barbie #barbiestyle #RBD
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We call this a board meeting. 🧀🍇🍪#barbie #barbiestyle
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Voted most likely to show up in pink. 💕#barbie #barbiestyle
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“The secret of our success is that we never, never give up.” We’re proud to honor Principal Chief Wilma Mankiller as our newest #Barbie Inspiring Women doll, lifting up courageous women who paved the way for generations to dream big and believe that #YouCanBeAnything . Wilma began her life of advocacy for Native American and women’s rights in San Francisco, after being brought there at age 11 under the Indian Relocation Act. She later returned to her ancestral home on Cherokee Nation land, where she fought to restore access to water in rural communities, and became the first woman to serve as Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation. In celebration of Wilma’s powerful legacy, Barbie will donate to the American Indian Resource Center, supporting initiatives to empower indigenous women and girls, and preserving culture and traditions within Native American communities. #NativeAmericanHeritageMonth
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