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Own this home without needing banks or credit #houstonrealestate #houstonrealestateagent #dueñoadueño
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Just Sold! Equity or no equity? In pristine condition or in need of repairs? I have solutions to get your house sold! #houstonrealestate #bilingualrealtor #houstonrealestateagent
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Sometimes you just have to press the reset button.
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When the math just doesn't math.
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Halloween 2023. Mugshot. #baddog
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How much would you pay for this fixer-upper? Financing available.#houstonrealestate
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I'm looking to get some of my friends paid some easy cash money $$$$ while helping small business owners. Contact me for more info if you're looking to get paid and connected to a small business owner or a non-profit.
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It's a great day for softball.
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Starting the week on a positive note at the annual Weichert Texas/Oklahoma award banquet.
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I see you looking at me looking at you.
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