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Movement / Film / Craft work in my highlights
« La Jefa » vlog by @jsmntran @netflixde hair & make up @rim_zemuye styling @morenavrc
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WHAT THEY SEE (short movie) written and directed by Jasmin Tran (@jsmntran ) starring Anne Schwarzelt (@yungsharselle ) A short film about the reality of People of Color. When it comes to being part of society and feeling a part of it, people of color encounter the phenomenon again and again: code switching. Code Switching is what happens when people reflexively or subtly change the way they express themselves (language, behavior, appearance, etc.). With POCs, this does not happen voluntarily, but out of the pressure of a sense of belonging, to get equal chances and opportunities and to »survive society«. POCs that exist in two or three different worlds almost simultaneously and constantly present a slightly altered version of themselves are under tremendous pressure. It‘s about knowing how you are being perceived and staying true to who you are. Thank you to everyone who was involved! TEAM Director of Photography – Tommy Khang Lieu (@boi.pq @boi.mov ) Assistant Camera – Tom Chansiraphet (@t0m_mato ) Sound – Fatih Inanmis (@finanmis ) Gaffer – Tommy Khang Lieu and Tom Chansiraphet Production – Ermal Berisha @maliboroo Postproduction – Jasmin Tran and Tommy Khang Lieu Styling – Cung My Phan (@cungmy_ @cungmystyling ) Hair and Makeup – Hoàng Dung Lê (@cana.hd ) Styling Assistant – Cassandra Samantha Bailey (@cass.bey ) Music – ALEMWORLDWIDE (@1alkebulan ) Photography – Alex Witzinger (@iamgenzou ) STARRING Anne Schwarzelt (@yungsharselle ) as Anne Quirin Haberfellner (@ownonium ) as Herr Schulz Antonia Angermair (@antoniaangermair ) as Toni Levy Budiaki (@dris.427 ) as Levy Brooklyn бza Blunt (@6rooks_ ) Sarah Schwarzelt (@ama.ona ) Chiara Waage (@chialliyah ) Nayle Yener (@nay1e ) Şimal Yılmaz (@simalyiilmazz ) Anna Fichtner (@anna.sfc ) Hermon Zemo (@wavy.zemo ) Sali Bajraktaraj (@sali.baj ) Serdar Ertuğrul (@preflvcko ) Mina Melisa Yılmaz (@minamelisayilmazz ) Special thanks to Neuworkshop and Christoph Schaller (@neuworkshop @christophschaller ) Vu Nha Vi Nguyen (@nhavigator ) Haly Nguyen and Kizuna Café (@averagehaly @kizuna.muc ) Veronika Veit and Bettina Kampe
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Jasmin x Minh x Danny // Guidance Showcase Performance I hope you can take a moment and enjoy this show in a time where everything is hectic and busy… This weekend at guidance really filled me with new energy, perspective, gratitude and joy. Was so nice to meet old and new faces🧡 Glad to share the stage with 2 friends that inspire the sh*t out of me! > @minh_uong @dannyshnayderman Doing this together as a team just makes it more fun and even more amazing. We were on a BIG time pressure, choreographing the show within 2 hours, one day before performing… Thank you for sharing the stage with me, only could have done that with you guys🫣 filmed by @sidestream_prod @sidestream_films event by @guidance.dancefestival
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dancing this was just what I needed😮‍💨😮‍💨 choreography by @daniel4sho 🌟
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missing summer and wearing my fav denim set by @uniqloeurope @cosstores 👖
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appreciating the moments that already happened in 2024 🫶🏼 - got to choreograph some movement for chelos halftimeshow at bmw park - starting new hobbys - teaching again and dancing with new people - core memorys with my friewndssss - amazeballlll foood - capturing moving images - enjoying good music sometimes getting lost in how fast everything is happening, but in the end I am just super grateful to share all these moment with the people I loveeee <3
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had to learn this choreo by @pearlywhirll 🥹💘
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What an honor to have been part of the panel talk by @zalando_street and @refugeworldwide in Munich. I had so much fun talking about curation and community building with @moubsen @andreatzelepides @loiter_boi and seeing munich as a creative city grow. Thank you for inviting me <3 #fwdzalando #zalando @zalando_street @zalando
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