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My favorite @seokj1012 ❤️ @rachel_mypark Because they are good, kind, sweet and talented 💕 Jtbc Drama"When the Weather is Fine" 💕 MarshmallowCouple 💕
She&#039 ;s beautiful, she&#039 ;s flawless 😍 Interview with OSEN on April 7th. Park Minyoung shared, “To me, work still comes before love, I’m not thinking about marriage yet” 🖤 Park Min-young said, “This is what I have been worried about since my early 20s. I thought I would do it when I reach 27, 30, or mid-30s. But now that I have already in my late 30s, I don’t want to think about it anymore. I still love working so much. I thought I would find a way for the second act in my life when this work is no longer interesting to me. I think it’s fun to work more and more. I still find getting together and having meeting the most interesting thing. At this point, I think marriage is a little far away. This is still the time when work should come first”. Park Min-young also shared her view of love, saying, “I want to say that we should clearly see our bond and our connection should be a little serious. I don’t fall in love easily, but I think I might develop feelings of love for someone after watching and getting to know that person more. My view of love is different from Ha-kyung’s. That is how I think about love at the moment. Maybe because I still put work as my priority”. #ParkMinYoung Source. /37-year-old-actress-park-min-young-shared-to-me-work-still-comes-before-love-im-not-thinking-about-marriage-yet/
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Can&#039 ;t wait for new project @rachel_mypark 🤗🥰 #ParkMinYoung
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Happy Birthday my one Favorite Actress Park Min Young @rachel_mypark 💋 #ParkMinYoung #BestActress
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Park Min Young. X. @prada Prada Gorgeous and Pretty 😍🌷 Very elegant 💐
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Beautiful Smile 💗 Behind the scene Forecasting love & weather 📽️ #ParkMinYoung #forecastingloveandweather #jtbcdrama #netflix
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Really love this drama 💗 the main couple is my favorite 💗 they were great! #Happy2ndAnniversary 💗 #WhenTheWeatherIsFine #SeoKangJoon #ParkMinYoung #MarshmallowCouple
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Please, support new drama from our lovely @seokj1012 & @rachel_mypark 💋 Seo Kang Joon "GRID" on Disney+ at 5 pm (KST) 👍 (on going) New episode every Wednesday Park Min Young "Forecasting love & Weather" On Netflix at 10.30 pm (KST) 👍 (on going) New episode every Saturday & Sunday Their drama so awesome, romantic, mystery & beautiful❤️ #SeoKangJoon #ParkMinYoung
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New drama from our lovely @seokj1012 😍 The mysterious ghost appears again 24 years later 👹 so excited for this drama "GRID" Release date, February 16 2022 on Disney+ 📽️ at 5 PM Korean time Don&#039 ;t miss it ☕💋 #SeoKangJoon #GRID #Today
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Can&#039 ;t wait episode 02 😍 #forecastingloveandweather #jtbcdrama #Netflix
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I&#039 ;m so excited for this drama ❤️ new drama 2022 from our lovely Park Min Young 💋 She&#039 ;s so cheerful Don&#039 ;t miss it, guys... On Netflix and Jtbc 📽️ 10.30 tonight "기상청 사람들: 사내연애 잔혹사 편" Forecasting Love and Weather 🌦️ (English title) Meteorological Administration People: Office Romance Cruelty ☀️ (literal title) First episode date February 12, 2022 10.30 PM Korea Time #HappyGoodDay
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I wish the best for this once-lovely couple, and hold on to the hope that someday, and i hope to see them in one drama together soon.🥰 #SeoKangJoon #ParkMinYoung #MarshmallowCouple
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