ruby loves cami🎀


19.09.22 - forever 🥹🤍 @camimendes i love u <3
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my favourite person ever <3 she’s my lifesaver, when i wanted to give up, she was there by my side and gave me the strength i needed. i wouldn’t be here anymore without her and i owe her my life. i love her more than a human is actually able to love. its unbelievable how much she means to me and i know i wouldn’t be here without her. she means the world to me and she showed me what comfort means. since i’ve had her by my side, i found my peace. i can’t believe im this lucky to have two amazing people like them by my side. she makes me feel loved, she makes me feel enough, she is forever in my heart. just wanna say that im endlessly thankful to have you. endlessly thankful that you gave me my smile back and showed me that there are reasons to be happy, to stay here. i can’t even imagine a time where you weren’t there for me to support, your such a big part of my life. i’m so proud of how far you’ve come, your so so talented, every character you’ve ever played is amazing. when i first watched do revenge, i never expected what a big space you would take in my life, but then i watched riverdale, and i instantly fell in love with veronica, you played her so incredibly it’s unbelievable, ever since then i’ve been mesmerised by you. you’ve given me so many comfort over the last 21 months. more comfort than anyone’s given me over the last few years. you are everything to me and i will always fight for and with you. i’m gonna defend you forever even if the whole world would be against you. you always made me happy whenever i felt sad, you help me everyday when i’m going through something, without even realising it. i’m so grateful for you and i wish i could have the chance to meet you and tell me that. thank you sm for everything cami, i love you so so much, more than u could ever imagine ❤️‍🩹
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little edit dump of my faves! pls tag them if u can 🫶🏻
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my favourite person, my lifesaver, my idol, my inspiration. I’m so incredibly proud of you and i hope i get to meet you one day and tell you just how much i love you. you are the reason i hold on, whenever i’m have a tough day and i feel like giving up i think of you, and my mood immediately lifts. you are the best thing in my life, and i’m so so grateful for you. i’m so thankful for everything you’ve done for me, even though you don’t know i exist you have saved me in so many ways. you are such an incredible person, you are so sweet & kind and i look up to you so much, i hope i can be even a little bit like you when i grow up. i love you so much & i’m so grateful i get to be your fan
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i love her so much, my favourite person always <3 this is so bad but i haven’t posted in forever
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i love them sm 🙏🤍
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my favourite girl <3
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my favourite girl forever, i love her so much 🤍 sdt @camimendes 🫶🏻
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i love her sm 🤍
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literal best girls!! 💗
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i actually love this omg!! ac lovereffects et 2hrs 38mins 😔
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“anyway don’t be, a stranger…” i miss them so much😭🥹
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