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Good to meet ya when you comin’ over Tryna not put my hand around your tiny shoulder YIN-TING’s back with those outerwear 👕 Mask in here crowd ❌wear
See you my friends, I wrote this shit for your guys, only lyrics, tried to put fast beat or 90’s 🤞 All day, I sat in my cell, just stressing sitting back watching my pic reminiscent about the good times I had try to relieve all the good memories I had eight o’clock, wake up, to eat nasty never change stuff nine o’clock, work up, shake Michael Corleone we never give up meal time, food corner,kimchi show how to ransack chicken wing around, move aside, play nice, Dubai ball kill amateur underground never break, never bend, never fold, never frown Oh, it’s two o’clock, call the flock skrilla, cash, coins, guap, money, moola, scratch bribe Oguri Shun, otherwise you can’t drunk they got me brand new bitch just admitted next to me pray to god old times gonna teach you by life, get religious started with “Argentina” hot piece of ass”cause she’s only fifteen Delfina”.
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我自己都不知道我在幹嘛了 #rum #heineken #dog #russia #idont knowwantimdoing#poodle
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It’s hot outside 🔥🌡 Who wants to eat ice cream COOKIES &CREAM is my favorite 🍦
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Sexy panties or aunt’s 難道這就是最早的原味內褲? #madonna
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Can&#039 ;t wait Defiest #Tupac #Biggie
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You make me a hard decision 該去哪呢? #LA #CHI
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