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Life is beautiful even when it's not. Through our images we can connect and create together. What if this is as good as it gets?
California - you welcome me with open arms and direct me to care for those with open hearts. I have THE BEST job ever and I feel such gratitude 🙏🏻 @jenpastiloff you can’t get rid of me after what? 8 years now? Always the most beautiful souls we get to care for. Come visit - retreat with @realhenryczerny here 🥂 for a moment…💛 It’s hard to say goodbye, for now, but this is what I come home to #PNW #islandbeauty #nevergetsold #homesweerhome #faerieland #massagetherapy
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9 días atrás
Happy Valentines Day to me 🌹 Thank you my Love ❤️
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24 días atrás
🎶 you can’t rush your healing so might as well walk amongst the fall leaves know I’ve got you as “Love never leaves” 🍁 🍁🍁#fallvibes #islandlife #massagetherapy #natureheals
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4 hace meses
Went for a 10min walk down to our beautiful beach. Watched the fish jumping out of the water taunting all the people fishing off-shore. #islandbeauty #sunset #fishing
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6 hace meses
Temporary goodbye to my island and hello California. I’ll miss your beauty seen at every turn.
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6 hace meses
All in all is all we are … rest now in the power you never backed away from 🙏🏻
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7 hace meses
Cool-Cat vibes 😻
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7 hace meses
Who needs fireworks? Sunset on our beach and just in time to turn the corner and catch it at the lake too #happy4th #fireworks #sunset
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7 hace meses
And this is why I don’t dread the grocery stop on my way home after a long day 🐄 🏔 #islandvibes #beautyaddict
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9 hace meses
Kitty verses Raccoon (Sound on)
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9 hace meses
(Sound on🎵) Not all commutes suck #islandvibes #pugetsound #ferry ⛴ ☀️ 🌊💙
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9 hace meses
(Sound on 🎵) Not all commutes suck #islandvibes #pugetsound 🌊 ☀️ ⛴
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9 hace meses