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euros and architecture.
@fosterhunting said he wanted some group b-esque shots. While filming 6” on the outside edge of this corner (adding to the group b potentially taking out pedestrians realness)🫡🫡🫡
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7 días atrás
Someone spilled SO MUCH CHOCOLATE MILK out here. 🤯
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13 días atrás
#om602a rips. It’s no 605 w/pump, turbo, intercooler… but it does good. And it’s a great base if someone wants to build a similar truck to mine. 🥲 the ol’ weekend swap was worth it. Maybe.
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27 días atrás
A real chaos clip.
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I gotta break up all this “in front of Fit/snow kart” footage.
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@brandnhaley 360 entry. Nbd.
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What y’all spinning on your snow day? Leave an album in the comments. I dare you. Because one time an ex girlfriend said I only listen to the same music, and ayla and I quote it often. 😂
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“yOu GuYs DoN’t EvEn WoRk” #gokart
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When the 9am bumper install doesn’t show #gokart
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If you aren’t listening to world destruction as loud as your speakers go while sliding in the snow, are you really livin???
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Gokart is ripping again. 🥹
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