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Hey guys, check this out if you wna achieve glowing skin like mine! @stivesmalaysia just send over their all NEW facial cleansers series - and they’re absolutely cute and great! I LOVE IT! 😍 There’s 4 types of cleansers that are made with 100% natural extracts with refreshing gel texture! Spoilt with choices? Pick one that’s suitable for your skin below: 1. Glowing Apricot Face Cleanser 🍑 For instantly refreshed & glowing skin everyday! 2. Calming Chamomile Face Cleanser 🌼 For that soothing cleanse you've always wanted! 3. Blemish Care Tea Tree Face Cleanser 🍃 Cleanse skin, fight breakouts and prevent future ones! 4. Hydrating Watermelon Face Cleanser 🍉 For a hydrating cleanse your skin will love! So what are you guys waiting for? Grab them now from @watsonsmy ! #CleanseGlowDaily , #TurnUpTheGlow , #StivesDailyCleanse
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Have you tried the @stivesmalaysia NEW facial cleansers? Let me know in the comment section below which is your favourite variant! 🤗 Mine has got to be the Blemish Care Tea Tree Face Cleanser! 🍃 Loving how the refreshing tea tree gel helped to cleanse my skin throughly! Furthermore, it helps to fight breakouts and prevent future ones - time to stock up till my 30s HAHA! I’m feeling ALLLL refreshed and glowing now, so gna add this into my daily skin care routine! ✨ These amazing cleansers are dermatologist-tested and made with 100% Natural Extracts to give off your al-natural glow. Pick your favourite one from @watsonsmy today! 🌟🌟 #CleanseGlowDaily , #TurnUpTheGlow , #StivesDailyCleanse
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goodluck to all SPM students 🤍 cari gambar sekolah but dah tak ada :(
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hello :3 [ abaya from @edhulm ]
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wa lover not a fighter 🤪 muah ciket
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hello , suka pula pakai bawal 🤪 - btw im wearing spanish circle brown from @olens_contactlens . u can use my code to save some 💰💰🤪 “NFRRAH10”
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Hey guys 😍 farrah wanna share something best dekat korang! And korang patut join tau ❤️ And cara dia senang je Buy, Whatapps and Win! Basically what you guys have to do is purchase RM20 & above of any Safi Skincare product from Guardian outlet & Whatsapp your details to stand a chance to win Safi Hydra Glow Glam Kit worth of RM350! Ha best kan? Only 30 winners will be chosen. For more info,kindly visit Safi Instagram @SafiMalaysia Ha korang tunggu apa lagi? Jom join sekarang! find your Safinality and get your Safi Moisturiser sekarang at the nearest @GuardianMY store!or beli kat Guardian online. @SafiMalaysia @GuardianMY #FindYourSafinality #SAFIAcneSolutions #Safi #GuardianMy
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let’s get ready with me nak dating dengan syhfit 😽 i used y.o.u perfect eyeshadow in mapple and lip cream in shade 06 kelly cantik kan 🥺🥺 and since i love y.o.u makeup so much im going to giving away ond of my Giving away one of my favourite Natural Perfect Eyeshadow from Y.O.U! senang je nak menang u guys just need to Follow @youmakeups_my and tag 3 friends on my post by 28th Feb NOW
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muah ciket 😽
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