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Dog 🐶 momma, Marine vet, artist, lover of travel, photography, changing seasons & landscapes, and connections ❤️
Out on my walk yesterday, I saw these little treasures. 🐰 #vbr
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Early morning sunshine kitty ☀️ getting his morning started while momma gets ready. 🥰
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Family walk. Sometimes we walk, sometimes we just… climb in the bag and get pampurrred by being carried by my pet human while she walks. Either way, it’s a tough life being a handsome dude. EVERYONE digs me, people stop buses to meet me. *Yawn* I need a break from all this attention. Someone, please fetch my slippurrrs. Right meow.
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Would you do a pet shoot? ⬇️ So many people share with me their fear that their cat won’t be photographable and therefore I am extra passionate about creating a safe space for them to be photographed together. As a cat mom myself I almost missed out on photos with my 17 year old kitty, and I really encourage you to schedule the session with them 🐱 You may get a few scratches but you won’t regret it 😂 #pittsburghphotographer #pittsburgh
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How do you know you’re with a good partner? Perhaps it’s when you’re going through something really hard to do, painful to deal with, and just leaving you feeling blah. And then you suddenly start feeling like you’re being watched. You glance around and start spotting randomly placed eyeballs peeping out from the most conspicuous but unnerving spots, making you erupt in rib-clutching, doubled-over, house-vibrating belly laughs because you’re so caught off guard. I think he’s a good one. 🤣
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Yes, yes. Our newest addition is just purrrrrrrfectly handsome. Meet Cricket Sassypaws #mymomlovesme
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Does anyone else have behbehz who keep them company in the office? I’ve been a bit stressed, and these sugarbutts are right beside me or under foot, letting me know they’ve got my back while I’m doing the tough stuff. I’m proud of these love muffins and so thankful that they’re in my care for their precious lives!
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Jemima Hargreaves of @hargreaves_stockholm is such a lovely jewelry artist, sparkly human, and ethically responsible recycler of gold and reclaimed diamonds in her unique and personal designs, telling the stories of her clients. I honestly believe she’s a perfect “Gem” herself! 🥰💖⭐️🌙
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When something special this way comes… @hargreaves_stockholm
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Listen through to the end for the cicadas, wind chimes, and cracking thunder from the split open summer sky. My favorite kind of day.
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The unexpected joy of a SF vanilla coffee and my girlfriend @aim_d0420 blueberry mimosa set the bar high for a much overdue brunch date @redheadbaycafe 💖🥰💖 Thank you, Amy! I love you 💕😘!!!
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