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for my favourite girl <3
cutest girl ever istg!! these pics were so fun to edit<3 finally starting to understand vsp as well🤍 ac/ib @jujusbueckers
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my favourite girl always 🫶🏻 ac me pls give creds! et 3 hours 😔 dt tagged + cami
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little cami would be SO proud of her 🥹🩷 ac/ib salishseffcts
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scrap of my best girls ‼️
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favourite cast ✈️♥️ ac archiveshcn cc julie
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this song is so them 🥹 her caption for him was so cute i love them sm<3 cc julie
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favourite girl & song 💗
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ahh where do i start with this movie?! it was literally so amazing, the storylines, the cast, everything was amazing. all the actors & actresses were incredible. i just know im gonna be rewatching with for ages because of how good it is. the humor & comedy in it is amazing, so is the romance side of it. as someone who doesn't like rom-coms that much i would definitely give this a ♾️/10 🥹 i'm so proud of cami, firstly for how amazing her acting was and secondly for executive producing the movie because she did so well, it's definitely my new fav project of hers 🫶🏼
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my favourite girl!! four hours til upgraded (my time zone) i'm so excited 🥹 ac @audiosbyalexia (edited)
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