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“Happiness is the secret to all beauty: there is no beauty that is attractive without happiness” — Christian Dior
Let your youthful gaze bloom extraordinarily.   Dior Prestige Le Concentré Yeux, the new* anti-aging eye cream, infused with triple level age-repair RosapeptideTM effectively targets key signs of aging and fatigue to reveal a brighter, smoother, awaken eye contour.   Experience deeper hydration and lasting comfort and elevate your skincare routine to unveil a more youthful gaze.   #DiorBeauty #DiorSkincare #DiorPrestige   * At Dior.
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@Its_lucien preps for Cannes with Sauvage Mencare essentials. Get a sneak peek of his meeting with @Tchaga_ and discover how to achieve a perfect clean-shaved look. © @Dnl.darmon #DiorBeauty #DiorParfums
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Embrace the wild elegance of Sauvage Grooming. Transform your daily ritual with the powerful and refined skincare essentials, crafted to bring out your untamed spirit.   DIOR SAUVAGE BAUME APRES RASAGE DIOR SAUVAGE GEL DE RASAGE DIOR SAUVAGE LE NETTOYANT DIOR SAUVAGE ELIXIR © @Thomas_chene   #DiorBeauty #DiorParfums
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When Friend of the House @Its_lucien meets Dior Beauty Grooming Ambassador @Tchaga_ at Cannes!   Watch as Tchaga gives Lucien a grooming makeover with the new Sauvage Mencare essentials. © @Thomas_chene #DiorBeauty #DiorParfums
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Relive the unforgettable Miss Dior dinner at Château de la Colle Noire. Experience the magic of an evening where the beauty of Miss Dior was celebrated amidst the historical grandeur of Christian Dior’s home. © @Dnl.darmon   #DiorBeauty #DiorParfums #MissDior #LoveOutLoud
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@FrancisKurkdjian_official , @LenaMahfouf , @Soukeyna , @Livia , @LoretoPeralta , @MsPeru , @Lena , and other guests were seen at the enchanting Miss Dior Dinner at Château de la Colle Noire. Join them in celebrating a seamless fusion of heritage, art, and romance. © @Pierre__mouton   #DiorBeauty #DiorParfums #MissDior #LoveOutLoud
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At the Château de la Colle Noire, Christian Dior’s residence in the south of France, an intimate dinner event was organized to honor the timeless elegance of Miss Dior. © @Pierre__mouton   #DiorBeauty #DiorParfums #MissDior #LoveOutLoud
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Immerse yourself in the electrifying ambiance of Cannes with @Souheila.Yacoub as she prepares for a night of cinematic magic. With Dior Beauty, watch her preparation into a red carpet sensation, ready to captivate and inspire.   DIOR FOREVER SKIN CORRECT 2WO 5 COULEURS COUTURE 673 Red Tartan DIORSHOW ICONIC OVERCURL 090 Black ROUGE DIOR FOREVER 630 Dune ROSY GLOW 012 Rosewood © @Dnl.Darmon & @Pierre__mouton   #DiorBeauty #DiorMakeup
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Experience the glamour of Cannes with @ItsNicoleWallace , Dior Beauty Ambassador, as she prepares to dazzle on the red carpet. Watch her radiant transformation and embrace the magic of the silver screen. DIORSHOW 5 COULEURS 933 Pastel Glow DIOR FOREVER STAR FILTER 3 DIOR FOREVER GLOW MAXIMIZER Rosy ROSY GLOW 063 Pink Lilac DIORSHOW ICONIC OVERCURL 090 Black DIOR ADDICT LIP MAXIMIZER 06 Berry    © Photography: @Pierre__mouton #DiorBeauty #DiorMakeup
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Dior ambassador @AhmedMalek unlocking his grooming potential for the red carpet with the new Sauvage Mencare essentials. © @Dnl.Darmon   #DiorBeauty #DiorParfums
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Follow @AnyaTaylorJoy ’s getting ready process and discover how Dior Beauty products craft a flawless red carpet look. From a radiant complexion to captivating eyes, see every detail come to life. #DiorBeauty #DiorMakeup
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Unveil the beauty essentials that made @AnyaTaylorJoy ’s red carpet look memorable. Dior’s timeless products for a modern and radiant finish.   ROUGE DIOR 999 Velvet DIORSHOW ICONIC OVERCURL 090 Black DIORSHOW 5 COULEURS Plum Tutu DIOR FOREVER GLOW MAXIMIZER Peachy DIOR FOREVER GLOW STAR FILTER 0 © @Pierre__mouton   #DiorBeauty #DiorMakeup
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